Australian Capital Territory

Canberra - City
Albert Hall, Northbourne Avenue.
B. 1934 John Compton Organ Co., London for Odeon Theatre, Cheltenham, England.
Purchased from private owner in Melbourne (imported 1967).
Res. in Albert Hall 1980s Theatre Organ Society of Australia. 3m., 8 rks. ext.,
Canberra City Uniting Church, Northbourne Avenue
B. 1925 Geo. Fincham & Sons for St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Goulburn
Inst. present location 1988 by David Hudd
2m., 18 sp. st., 5c.,
Gt: Sw: Ped:
Canberra School of Music, Australian National University
1983 Ron Sharp continuo organ, 1m., 7, tr.
John XXIII Catholic College Chapel, Australian National University
B. George Fincham & Sons 1989, 2m., 16 sp. st., tr.
Gt: Sw: Ped:
Carousel Organ, formerly from St. Kilda, Vic.
Gebruder Bruder Elite Apollo Orchestra No. 5073
Carousel organ website
Canberra Suburbs
All Saints' Anglican Church
B. Bishop & Starr c. 1860 for Wealdstone Baptist Church (near Harrow, UK),
Inst. present location and res. Pitchford & Garside 1989.
2m., 14, tr. Gt: 8.8 divided. Sw: 16 divided.8 divided. Ped: 16.
Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Emu Bank
John Nebe, Coorparoo, Qld, c.1944
Installed with addition 1945 at Bethlehem Lutheran Church,
Fortitude Valley, Qld, Whitehouse Bros, Brisbane
1 manual, 5 speaking stops, mechanical & tubular pneumatic action
Rebuilt and re-located to rear of church 1972 H.W. Jarrott, Brisbane
1 manual, 5 speaking stops, electro-pneumatic action
Removed 1976 to Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Woden, ACT, and
1985 to present location
1 manuals, 5 speaking stops, electro-pneumatic action
Broken up 2011
North Belconnen Uniting Church, Melba
B. C.W. Leggo 1920 for Singleton Wesley Church
rem. 1988 and inst. 2001, action converted to tr., Roger Jones, 2m., 12, tr.
Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.8.
St Columba's Uniting (Presbyterian) Church.
B. 1965 Davis & Laurie, enl. T Bunning 1987, 2m., 5 rks. ext.,
Organ rem. from St Andrew's Anglican Church, Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci, Sydney
B. 1962 J.P. Eagles incorporating some pipework from a 2m. tr. built by an amateur
organbuilder and purchased early 1950's from his estate
2m., 5 rks. ext., el. mag.
Enl. and installed present location c. 1992 Trevor Bunning with façade pipes from St Paul's, Rozelle.
Organ has been sold and rem. to a buyer in Forbes. Façade pipes remain in place. [TB April 2006]
B. 1970's - T. Lloyd. Console by Baldwin, U.S.A.; pipework from various sources
including Suva Cathedral, Fiji (Rest Cartwright, London).
2m., 6 rks. ext., electronic pedal division,
Organ dismantled when owner moved to Qld c. 2003 and still in storage. [TB April 2006]
Canberra Girls' Grammar School Chapel
B. Knud Smenge 1989, 2m., 12, ,3c., tr.
St Luke's Anglican Church.
B. 1864 Kirtand & Jardine (Manchester)
Inst. 1865 St John's Anglican Church, Canberra
Inst. 1933 St Paul's Anglican Church, Manuka, Canberra
Inst. present location 1959. 1m., 5 sp. st., no pedals, tr. Man:
Royal Military College, Duntroon. St Paul's Memorial Anzac Chapels.

(1) Anglican & Protestant chapel. B. 1966 Hill, Norman & Beard
(o/n ACT646). 2m., 21 (6 rks. + mixture ext.), 3c., el.mag.
Gt: Pos: Ped:

(2) Roman Catholic chapel. B. 1966 Hill, Norman & Beard (o/n ACT 645).
2m., 3 rks. + mixture ext., el.mag.
Gt: Pos: Ped:
St Andrew's Presbyterian Church
B. 1933-34 Hill, Norman & Beard (o/n N24).
Reb. & enl. 1965 Hill, Norman & Beard (o/n ACT 620).
2m., 35, 9c., & el.mag. Gt:
Sw: Ped:
Wesley Uniting Church (formerly known as National Memorial Methodist Church).
First organ, B. 1955 Geo. Fincham & Son. 2m., 32 (9 rks. ext.), 3c., el. pn.
Gt: Sw:
Ped: 16.16.10-2/
Present organ, B. 2001-2002 George Stephens (Adelaide) rebuild
incorporating ranks from Alfred Hunter (London) 1893,
George Fincham (Melbourne) 1955 and Gustav Bier (Germany) 1978-1983. 
3 manuals and 61 speaking stops, 11 couplers,
capture action 40 levels of memory, electro-pneumatic.
St Stephen's Anglican Church
B. G.A Smith 1909, reb T. Bunning and Anthony Welby
2m., 7, 3c., tr., I: 8.8.4. II 8.8.4. Ped: 16.
Baptist Church, Currie Crescent.
First organ, B. unknown. Inst. 1929 from Congregational Church, Killara.
Repaired 1933 Hill, Norman & Beard (o/n N10).
Rem. c.1958, pipework sold to Baptist Churchs: Mortdale and East Lindfield.
Present organ, B. 1958 J.P. Eagles. Reb. 1982 A. Welby. 2m., 21, 3c., el.mag.
Gt: Sw: Ped:
St Ninian's Uniting Church
1984 Anthony Welby, 2m., 16, 3c., 3 rks ext., el.
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Melrose Drive.
First organ: B. 1944 J. Nebe, Brisbane. Inst. Bethlehem Lutheran Church,
Fortitude Valley, Queensland by Whitehouse Bros in 1945.
Reb. 1972 H.W. Jarrott, Brisbane.
Inst. present location c. 1976. 1m., 5, 3c., Man: Ped: 16.
Mov. 1985 to Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Belconnen.
Present organ: 1933 Hill, Norman & Beard, 2m., 15, 3c., ex. St John's, Reid
Gt: Sw: Ped:16.8.
St Christopher's Catholic Cathedral.
B. 1968 Hill, Norman & Beard (as demonstration organ in factory).
Inst. present location 1972 & enl. 1973 (o/n ACT860).
2m., 28 (8 rks. + mixture ext.), 3c., el.mag.
Gt: Sw: Ped:
St Paul's Anglican Church.
First organ, see: Canberra. St Luke's Anglican Church, Deakin.
Present organ, B. 1972-74 A. Welby. 3m., 19, 6c.,
Gt: Sw: Ch: 8.8.4. Ped: 16.8.4.
Many electronic stops were added to the organ in 2001.
B. 1970's - B. Stoheham. Incorporates soundboard and pipework from Rest Cartwright,
London, organ ex Suva Cathedral, Fiji. 2m., 9 rks. ext.,
Broken up in 1990's upon death of owner, then augmented Chisholm Lutheran organ.
Presumably has been sold to Forbes along with Chisholm organ. [TB April 2006]
North Belconnen Uniting Church, Melba
B. C.W. Leggo 1920 for Singleton Wesley Church
rem. 1988 and inst. 2001, action converted to tr., Roger Jones, 2m., 12, tub. pn.
Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.8.
The Abbey Restaurant, Federation Square
Organ Façade only
Norman & Beard 1911, From the Third Church of Christ, Scientist, Curzon Street, London
Residence of Trevor Bunning, Kay Place
B. Roger Jones 1998, 3m., 12, tr.
Man I: III/II Man II: Man III: 8.4.2-2/3.2.1-3/5.8. Ped: 16.

Chamber organ
B. 'ACT Pipe Organs' - Roger Jones and Trevor Bunning
1m, 3 8.4.2. tr.

St Philip's Anglican Church.
B. 1964 Hill, Norman & Beard (o/n ACT719) (portable continuo organ); inst. 1967.
1m., 4, no pedals, tr. Man:

(i) Junior School - B. 1908 Wadsworth Bros., Manchester for the
Church of the Good Shepherd, Tatham Fells, Lancashire.
Inst. present location 1999 2m., 11, 3c., el. pn. Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.

(ii) College Auditorium - Australian Pipe Organs 2000 (using HNB material 1936)
2m., 29 sp. st., 3c., 6 rks ext. + Mixt.
Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.10-2/
Red Hill
Canberra Grammar School Chapel, chamber organ. (Early Music Shop, Bradford,UK)
2m., 6, no pedals, mechanical, Man I: 8.4.II. Man II: 4.2.1-1/3.
St John's Anglican Church.
First organ, see: St Luke's Anglican Church, Deakin.
Second organ, see: Immanuel Lutheran Church, Lyons
Present organ, B. 1980 Ronald Sharp. 2m., 16 sp. st., 3c., tr.
Man I: Man II: Ped:
St Peter's Lutheran Church.
B. E.P. Walcker & Cie., Ludwigsburg, Germany (opus 4671) inst. 1961.
2m., 11, 3c., tr. Man 1: 8.4.II.III. Man II: 8.4.2.II Ped: 16.8.4.
Uniting (Methodist) Church.
B. 1963 J.W. Walker & Sons, Ruislip, Middlesex.
Enl. 1977 Peter Jewkes (addition of Trompette).
2m., 4 rks. + mixture ext., el.mag.
Rem. 2013 Peter Jewkes and placed in storage
RESIDENCE OF H.A. (Bert) TAYLOR, Esq Chewings Street.
B. 1980's H.A. Taylor. Incorporates soundboards and pipework from St John's Church, Bega
bought from Terry Lloyd, esq., and other material. Final specification undecided.
Broken up. Most of the parts in possesion of Trevor Bunning. [TB April 2006]
Residence of Bruce Cool, Esq., Dyte Place
1877 Johann Wolff formerly located at the Gawler Anglican Church SA.
2m., 10 sp. st., el. pn.
MUSEUM - JOHN HAM, ESQ., Federal Highway, (museum complex never built).
(1) B. 1933 Hill, Norman & Beard (o/n 349) for St John's Anglican Church, Reid, A.C.T.
Purchased 1989. 2m., 14 (5 rks. ext), 7c., Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.8.
Rem.1985 to Immanuel Lutheran Church, Lyons
(2) B. 1920's Wurlitzer Co., Tonawanda, N.Y. for Wilson Theatre: Fresno,
California: U.S.A. Later inst. at Organ Power Pizza, San Diego,
California. Purchased 1979 for Canberra. 3m., 11 rks. ext.,
Rem. 1985 to the Orpheum Theatre, Cremorne, Sydney
ACT Rural and surrounding area
Residence of Richard and Joan Milner
Rural property, Max Reef Road, near Bywong, NSW (c. 30km from Canberra)
B. Roger Jones of Anguston, SA. 1m., 1 rank continuo organ
Can be transposed by one semitone.

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