34th Annual Conference

Tasmania - Hobart to Launceston

Tuesday 26th April - Sunday 1st May, 2011

The Organ Historical trust of Australia 34th annual conference was held in Tasmania from Tuesday 26 April
(immediately after Easter 2011 and Anzac Day) and concluded in Launceston on Sunday 1 May.

The conference included visits to organs, mostly of historic significance, recitals, lectures and visits to
places and buildings of scenic or architectural interest.

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Conference participants at St Patrick's Catholic Church, Colebrook, Tasmania
(Photo: Brian Andrews, 27 April 2011)

Government House Reception (27 April 2011)
(Photo: supplied by Government House, Hobart)

Organs by the following builders were visited:

William Anderson (Melbourne)
Davis & Laurie (Melbourne)
J.E. Dodd (Adelaide)
George Fincham (Melbourne)
Fincham & Hobday (Melbourne)
Hill, Norman & Beard (Australia) Pty Ltd (Melbourne)
Samuel Joscelyne (Launceston)
Frederick Taylor (Melbourne)

Bevington & Sons (London)
Bishop & Son (London)
John Gray (London)
Hill & Son (London)
J.W. Walker & Sons (London & Ruislip)

The following provisional programme has been developed:

Tuesday 26th April
Organs in Hobart including the recently enlarged organ in St Mary's Cathedral and the concert organ in
Hobart Town Hall where recitals took place. Visit to 'Runnymede', New Town, the residence of
Bishop F.R. Nixon who had two pipe organs installed there in the mid-19th century.

St Mary's Catholic Cathedral, cnr Patrick & Harrington Streets, Hobart
First organ, rem. to New Town, Sacred Heart Catholic Church.
Present organ, B. 1894 Fincham & Hobday for International Exhibition of Industry,
Science and Art, Queen's Domain, Hobart of 1894 where awarded first prize;
inst. 1895 present loc. 3m., 27 sp.st., 9c., tub.pn. Reb. 1934 Hill, Norman & Beard (o/n T23).
Reb. 1957 K.R. Davis; reb. 1966 Geo. Fincham & Sons. 3m., 31 sp.st., 14c., el.pn.
Gt: Sw: Ch: Ped: 1/3.4.
Reb. 1986 S.J. Laurie. 3m., 45 sp.st., 8c., el.pn. Gt:
Sw: Ch: 8. Ped:
Ren 2007-2009 Wakeley Pipe Organs with minor additions.
Town Hall, Macquarie Street, Hobart
B. 1870 J.W. Walker, London (job no. 905). 3m., 30 sp.st., 5c., tr.
Gt: Sw: Ch: Ped:
Reb. & enl. 1929 Geo. Fincham & Sons.
Reb. & enl. 1966-67 J.W. Walker & Sons, Ruislip, Middlesex.
3 manuals, 61 speaking stops, 9 couplers, electro-pneumatic action
Wednesday 27th April
Organs outside Hobart. Visit to the first church organ exported to Australia at St Matthew's Church, Rokeby.
Visit to the Pugin-designed church of St Patrick, Colebrook, with its triple-arch bellcote recently restored.
Visit to Richmond and St Luke's Church to hear the Bevington & Sons organ and to the rebuilt Hill & Son
organ at St John's Church, New Town. Evening reception for participants at Government House.

St Matthew's Anglican Church, Rokeby
John Gray, London, 1824
1 manual, 7 speaking stops, mechanical action
The first church organ to be exported to Australia

St Luke's Anglican Church, Richmond
B. 1868 Bevington & Sons, London, for Price Memorial Chapel, Tamar Street, Launceston.
Inst. 1906 St John's Anglican Church, Devonport.
Reb. 1966 K.R. Davis & Son (new case and swell box).
Inst. present loc. 1984 Australian Pipe Organs.
1manual, 5 speaking stops, 1coupler, tracker action. Man: 8.8 divided.8.4. Ped: 16.

St John's Anglican Church, New Town
B. 1886 Hill & Son, London (job no. 1929). 2m., 18 sp.st.,
3c., tr. Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.16. Reb. 1955 Hill, Norman & Beard
(o/n T334). Reb. 1977-78 Laurie Pipe Organs. 2m., 27 sp.st., 8c., el.pn. Gt:
2/3.2.1-3/5.III. Sw: Ped:

Thursday 28th April
Travel between Hobart and Launceston. Included organs by Samuel Joscelyne at St Michael's Church, Bothwell
and lunch in the historic town. In the afternoon visits to organs by J.W. Walker and Bishop & Son.

St Mark's Anglican Church, Pontville
B. Bevington & Sons, London; inst. present loc. 1888.
Res. 1958 R. Greaves for J.W. Walker & Sons.
1 manual, 5 speaking stops, pedal pulldowns, mechanical action

St Michael & All Angels Anglican Church, Bothwell
B. 1862 Samuel Joscelyne for former church building;
inst. present loc. 1891. Res. 1967 K.R. Davis & Son.
Ren, cleaned Gibbs & Thomson 2002
1m., 9 sp.st., pedal pulldowns, tr.
Man: 8.8 divided. Ped: 16.8.

St Luke's Anglican Church, Campbell Town
J.W. Walker, London, 1862
1 manual 7 speaking stops, mechanical action

Christ Church Anglican Church, cnr Wellington & William Streets, Longford
Present organ, B. 1893 Bishop & Son, London.
2 manual, 12 speaking stops, 3 couplers, mechanical action.

Friday 29th April
All day on foot in Launceston. Included organs by Bevington & Sons at City Baptist Church, J.E. Dodd at
Pilgrim Uniting Church and George Fincham at Holy Trinity Church. The day included several papers
and a meeting of OHTA members.

Trinity Uniting (Methodist) Church, Margaret Street, Launceston
B. 1880 George Fincham. Inst. present loc. 1914 from
Methodist Church, Paterson Street, Launceston.
Reb. 1920 Geo. Fincham & Sons. 2m., 21 sp.st., 3c., tub.pn.
Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.16.8.
Reb. c.1975 K.R. Davis & Son; completed Australian Pipe Organs.
2m., 25 sp.st., 7c., el.pn.
Gt: Sw: Ped:

Christ Church Baptist (Congregational) Church, Frederick Street, Launceston
B. 1874 Bevington & Sons, Soho, London. Res. 1982 S.J. Laurie.
2 manual, 13 speaking stops, 3 couplers, tracker & tub.pn. pedals

Pilgrim Uniting (Methodist) Church, Paterson Street, Launceston
First organ: 1880 George Fincham moved to Trinity Uniting (Methodist)
Church, Margaret Street 1914.
Present organ, B. 1911-12 J.E. Dodd. Reb. 1954 Geo. Fincham & Sons.
3 manuals, 38 speaking stops, 15 couplers, electro-pneumatic action

Holy Trinity Anglican Church, cnr Cameron & George Streets, Launceston
First organ, B. 1854 James Eagles, London.
Present organ, B. 1887 George Fincham, incorporating pipework from first organ.
Inst. present church 1902. Res. 1959 Davis & Laurie; new pedal action 1991 Hans Meijer.
2 manuals, 14 speaking stops, 3 couplers, mechanical action

St John's Anglican Church, cnr St John Street & Elizabeth Streets, Launceston
First organ: removed 1862, now in St John's Anglican Church, Franklin.
Present organ, B. 1862 Charles Brindley, Sheffield. 2m., 18 sp.st., 2c., tr.
Inst. present loc. in church 1911 J.E. Dodd. Reb. & enl. 1912-c.1929 G.F. Hopkins.
Reb. 1934 Geo. Fincham & Sons (detached console, new action and pipefronts).
Reb. & enl. 1960 J.W. Walker & Sons, Ruislip, Middlesex.
Tonal altns. 1974 Laurie Pipe Organ (32ft reed, Tuba placed en chamade).
3 manuals, 63 speaking stops, 9 couplers, electro-pneumatic
Saturday 30th April
A trip to the west of Launceston and along part of the northern coast. Visit to Burnie and on the
return trip to organs by Samuel Joscelyne at St Luke's, La Trobe, J.W. Walker at St Mark's, Deloraine,
William Anderson at Holy Trinity, Westbury and a new Meijer instrument in Legana.

St George's Anglican Church, cnr Cattley & Mount Streets, Burnie
First organ, B. 1954 Whitehouse Bros., Red Hill, Qld. 2m., 8 sp.st., 7c., tub.pn.
Gt: 8.8.8. Sw: Ped: 16.
Present organ, B. 1960 Davis & Laurie (incorporating pipework from first organ).
3m., 39 sp.st. (9 rks.ext.), 7c., el.pn.
Gt: Sw:
Ch: Ped:

St Luke's Anglican Church, Latrobe
Samuel Joscelyne, Launceston ca.1860 (attr.)
1 manual, 7 speaking stops, mechanical action
Restored 1986 Australian Pipe Organs, Melbourne

St Mark's Anglican Church, Westbury Place East, Deloraine
B. 1860 J.W. Walker, London (job no. 650).-- Res. 1967 Arthur Jones.
1 manual, 7 speaking stops, 1 coupler, mechanical action

Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Westbury
B. c.1880 William Anderson; opened February 1881.
2 manuals, 17 speaking stops, 3 couplers, mechanical action
Free Reformed Church, Outreach Drive, Legana
B. 2009-10 Hans Meijer. 1m., 8 sp.st., 1c., tr.
Second manual prepared for. Man: Ped: 16.
Sunday 1st May
Morning free to attend church services, explore Launceston and visit the Queen Victoria Museum and
Art Gallery.  Afternoon private visit to the Albert Hall with its unique 1860 Charles Brindley organ, the
oldest surviving concert instrument in Australia. Participants will have time to get back to Launceston
airport for return flights to the mainland.

Albert Hall, Launceston
Charles Brindley, Sheffield, installed 1860
3 manuals, 29 speaking stops, mechanical action
The largest surviving organ pre-dating 1860, a rare
example of the work of Charles Brindley (a pupil of Edmund Schulze),
and the only organ in Australia blown by a hydraulic engine.


Please download the CONFERENCE BROCHURE by clicking here.

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