HILL & SON SHOP BOOK 1 (Order Book 3) (May 1872-July 1875).




1.   Pagination is continuous, pp. 1-91, though two folios (pp 26/27 and 36/37) were originally near the front of the book.


2.  Job Numbers run from 1403 to 1567, but with omissions.   The numbers are out of order on pp. 1-16, 88-91.   It appears that, in the early part of the book, job numbers were added after the initial entry had been made.


3.  Dates.  Not all entries are dated.  There are many pencilled additions.



Job Number

Description in

Shop Book


Cross-reference to Estimate Books

Present or Final Location

Current Status

p. 2

Job No 1438


Kent Town, Adelaide


2 manuals,

16 stops.


Estimate No [649]

Baptist Church,

Geelong, Vic


Rebuilt & enlarged

p. 8

Job No 1450





1 manual,

5 stops.


Estimate No [685]

St Augustine's

Catholic Church,

Yarraville, Vic



p. 44

Job No 1488

November 1873

Napier, New Zealand

2 manuals,

12 stops.



Estimate No 796

St John's Anglican Church, Dannevirke, NZ; originally at St John's Anglican Cathedral, Napier, NZ


Rebuilt & enlarged

pp. 85-86

Job No 1554, p.1


Job No 1554, p.2

10 June 1875

Perth, W. Australia


2 manuals,

15 stops.


Estimate No 928

St George's Cathedral,

Perth, WA



Broken up