These orders pre-date those in the earliest Shop Book, although most of them have corresponding entries in Estimate Books 1 and 2.



Job Number

Cross-reference to Estimate Books

Description in

Estimate Book


Present or Final Location

Current Status

Job No ??


Estimate No 1857-?

S. Paul's

[from Hill & Son list of organs (1881)]

2 manuals,
12 stops
Presbyterian Church, Whangerei, NZ; previously (c.1899-1911) at Knox Presbyterian Church, Parnell, Auckland, NZ. Rebuilt & enlarged

Job No ??


Estimate No 1858-1


Mr [Peter] Davis, Melbourne, Australia


2 manuals,

12 stops


St Peter’s Lutheran Church, Stawell, Vic




Job No 1025

Estimate No 1859-6

Feb 1859

Australia, St. Kilda’s Church


2 manuals,

15 stops

Christ Church Anglican Church, St Kilda, Vic



Rebuilt & enlarged

Job No ??

Estimate No  30


W.H. Elliott,
Hobart Town

2 manuals,

13 stops



The Hutchins School, Sandy Bay, Tas;

formerly at the Congregational Church, Davey Street, Hobart, Tas


Rebuilt & enlarged


Job No 1182

Estimate No 107


Feb 1866

St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney, NSW


3 manuals,

37 stops


St Andrew’s Anglican Cathedral, Sydney, NSW



Parts survive in present organ

Job No 1204


Estimate No 148


2 Nov 1866

Mr. E. Prout,

for Melbourne

2 manuals,

18 stops

Independent Church, Collins Street, Melbourne, Vic



Rebuilt & enlarged

[no Job No]


Estimate No [457] p.1


Estimate No [457] p.2


15 Dec 1869

Melbourne Town Hall

4 manuals,

66 stops

Town Hall,

 Melbourne, Vic


Destroyed by fire

Job No 1343


Estimate No [520]


16 June 1870

Wilkie & Co., for South Yarra, Australia


2 manuals,

16 stops

Christ Church Anglican Church, South Yarra, Vic


Some pipework survives in present organ

Job No 1372


Estimate No 594


 Mr. R.S. Stacey, 257 Euston Road, [London]


2 manuals,

4 stops

Residence of Bill Ralph, Mornington, Vic


Largely original

Job No

[see also Job No 1948]

Estimate No [549] 1871
St Peter's New Zealand
2 manuals,
11 stops

Central Baptist Church, Wellington, NZ; originally at St Peter's Anglican Church, Wellington, NZ, and subsequently to Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Blenheim, NZ

Broken up;
most of pipework saved & in storage at SIOC

Job No 1398


Estimate No 524


1 August 1871

Mr D.P. McEwen. 97 Cannon St, for Australia


2 manuals,

11 stops

St Mary’s Anglican Church, Balmain, NSW