All Saints' Church
Sutton Forest

1874 Jackson, 1manual, 3 speaking stops, pedal pulldowns, tracker action

All Saints' is a village church designed in a refined Norman Style, the interior remaining unspoiled with its ancient pews and painted commandments. The church has served for many years as a chapel for the Governor of New South Wales when staying at his country residence. There are numerous interesting artefacts in the church including a flag whlch was raised over Government House in Sydney when the Germans surrendered at the end of World War II.

Charles Jackson was a prominent Sydney organbuilder who established his business In the late 1860'S. Whilst his work consisted largely of tuning, maintenance and the installation of imported organs, he is known to have built about ten new organs. It is a matter for the most profound regret that almost nothing of his original work survives in pristine condition. The Sutton Forest organ (1872) is now the only complete Jackson organ remaining and although tiny now assumes great significance. Basic repairs and maintenance have been undertaken by a number of builders and in 1987 Mark Fisher completed a partial restoration which involved the recovering of the bellows and the refurbishlng of the console area. The original pipework (with cone-tuning) survives intact together with all other original features. A dust canopy and some unoriginal efforts at pipe-stencilling were removed in recent work.

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The specification is:

Manual (unenclosed)
Open Diapason
Stop Bass
Pedal pulldowns



Mechanical action throughout

Compass 56/25
* Bass octave of open wood at rear

Church photos: Trevor Bunning (Oct. 2007)