Residence of Richard and Joan Milner
Max Reef Road, near Bywong, NSW (c. 30km from Canberra)

Roger Jones of Anguston, SA. 1m., 1 rank continuo organ

The Milner's Continuo Organ built by Roger Jones of Anguston, SA.
Roger Jones is demonstrating the transposition procedure,
(a portrait of Richard Milner is in the background).

The Milner's live just outside the border of the ACT on a rural property in NSW about 30km from Canberra. Their closest community is Bywong, NSW. They use the organ as a continuo instrument in early music performances in their house. The organ can be transposed by one semitone to give A= 415.

Roger Jones is showing his unique method of attaching the blower.
There are no mechanical fasteners. When the blower is on, negative
pressure on the diaphragm binds the blower to the organ.

Photos supplied by Trevor Bunning (April 2006)