Uniting (formerly Congregational) Church
Sturt Street, Angaston

J.E. Dodd, Adelaide, 1908, for Draper Memorial Church, Gilbert Street, Adelaide
Installed 1943 in present location
Enlarged 1963 J.E. Dodd & Sons Gunstar Organ Works
Alterations and additions 1980 L.S. & L.R. Waters
2 manuals, 15 speaking stops, 3 couplers, electric action

Historical and Technical Documentation by David Shield
© OHTA 2009, 2020 (last updated May 2020)

Congregational Church, Angaston - exterior
[Photograph by Trevor Bunning (October 2009)]

Congregationalists were active in the Angaston area as early as 1843.  Initially, worship was jointly conducted in the free chapel in Penrice Road provided for all denominations by John Howard Angas, son of George Fife Angas and owner of much of the land in the district.  The ministerial supply to the chapel was mainly from the Congregational or Baptist denominations.  A difference over baptism led to the Congregationalists withdrawing.  The issue revolved around the issue as to whether baptism was “the application of water to the subject or the application of the subject to water.”  The argument was sufficiently vehement as to head for litigation, so rather than pursue the issue, the Congregationalists withdrew and constructed their own church.  Congregational growth saw the building of the present structure in 1879.  The Methodists, established in 1863, combined with the Congregationalists to form the Union Church in 1969.1  

Congregational Church, Angaston - organ
[Photograph by Trevor Bunning (October 2009)]

The organ was built in 1908 by J.E. Dodd for the Draper Memorial Church, Gilbert Street, Adelaide. 

The Congregationalists of Angaston acquired the organ in 1943.  It was dedicated to the late Revd E.W. Weymouth, who had ministered at Angaston from 1934 to 1942.  It would seem that at this point it retained its tracker action with attached console.  It was installed in a central position at the front of the church.  In 1963, the organ was moved to the west end and the choir stalls were relocated to the eastern side, thus forming the sanctuary.  The cost of the project was given as £1000.The console and action remained intact.  

Congregational Church, Angaston - interior
[Photographs by Trevor Bunning (October 2009)]

In 1980 a large bequest was received from the estate of Miss Nellie Sibley.  This enabled repairs and alterations to be made to the organ.  The rebuilt action was electrified. The console was detached and remodelled, with stopkeys replacing stops.  The trigger tremulant was removed.  It was moved to the eastern end of the church and a further stop added.  L.S. & L.R. Waters undertook the work.2

Great Organ
Open Diapason
Lieblich Flute

Swell Organ
Geigen Diapason
Lieblich gedact
Viole d'orchestre
Voix Celeste
Flauto traverso

Pedal Organ
Echo Bourdon

Swell to Great
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal




added 1980

TC added 1963

added 1963

Compass:  58/30
2 toe pistons to Great
2 toe pistons to Swell
Balanced swell pedal


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2  Angaston Uniting Church: 125th Anniversary of the Church Hall and Fellowship (1986), pp.4-6


[Photographs by Trevor Bunning (Oct 2009)]