Conference Book Errata 2006


St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

ADD: Swell Mixture II


Holy Trinity Cathedral, Parnell

DELETE: Swell Double Trumpet 16; ADD: Contra Fagotto 16


St Alban’s Church, Balmoral

DATE: 1872 (delete 1884)

SPELLING: Swell Lieblich Gedact 8, Great to Pedals, Swell to Pedals

DELETE: Pedal Bourdon 16; ADD: Pedal Pipes 16

ADD: Compass 56/29


St Stephen’s Church, Ponsonby

DELETE: Swell Diapason 8; ADD: Double Diapason 16


Church of the Ascension, Point Chevalier

DELETE: Great Salicional 8, Salicet 4

ADD: Pedal Salicional 8, Salicet 4

DELETE: Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal


St Christopher’s Chapel, Devonport

DATES: Built 1935; installed 1944 Devonport

SPELLING: Great Claribel 8

DELETE: Great Twelfth 2-2/3

SPELLING: Swell Open Diapason 8

ADD: Tremulant swell; Great Octave [coupler]


Holy Trinity Church, Devonport

DATES: Installed Devonport 1898; rebuilt 1953


Takapuna Methodist Church

SPELLING: Remove Open from Great, Swell and Pedal Open Diapasons;

Great Claribel 8; Choir Lieblich Flute 4; Choir Mixture II; Pedal Mixture II, Pedal Clarinet 4

ADD: Great Mixture III; Pedal Dulciana 16; Swell unenclosed Rohr Flute 8, Octave Flute 4

DELETE: Choir Gedackt 8

9 couplers


Bainbridge Methodist Church, Rotorua

DELETE: Pedal Bass Flute 8


St Luke’s Church, Rotorua

SPELLING: Hauptwerk Rohrflöte 8, Flachflöte 2, Positiv Rohrflöte 4

Brustwerk enclosed


St George’s Church, Thames

Rebuilt 1961 with new front casework and façade pipes