St John's Lutheran Church

Church Street, Minyip

Built by Alfred Fuller; opened January 1890
1 manual, 5 speaking stops, pedal pulldowns, mechanical action

St John's Lutheran Church, Minyip: exterior
[photograph from Wikipedia ]

Historical and Technical Documentation by John Maidment
© OHTA, 2004 (latest update December 2016)

St John's is a large wooden church built in 1889 to the design of Horsham architect H.A. Gillies for the small township of Kirchheim.1 In 1935, the church was bodily moved six kilometres to its present site and reassembled. The building includes a prominent timber fleche, sited on the roof ridge, and a rear gallery. In 1922, Robert Prenzel supplied a design for an altar in the church.2

St John's Lutheran Church, Minyip: organ
[photograph by W.G.S. Smith (date unknown, c.1970)]

The organ was built by Alfred Fuller and opened in January 1890. A unique example of a single manual organ made by Fuller, it remains in its original state and received minor restoration work by Leighton Turner in 1977.

Double Diapason
Lieblich Bourdon
Open Diapason




Compass: 56/30
Mechanical key and stop action
Pedal pulldowns
Knee levers (purpose unknown)
1 composition pedal
Attached drawstop console3

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2 Terence Lane, Robert Prenzel 1866-1941: His Life and Work. Melbourne: National Gallery of Victoria, 1994, p.62

3 Specification supplied by Alan Collyer 1966

St John's Lutheran Church, Minyip: diagonal view of organ
[photograph by John Maidment (1994)]

St John's Lutheran Church, Minyip: console
[photograph by W.G.S. Smith (date unknown, c.1970)]