St Paul's Anglican Church

Charles Richardson c. 1899, res. Roger H Pogson 2001, 1m., 4 sp. st, 2c., tr.

The organ was fully restored in early 2001 by Roger H. Pogson

From 1990 OHTA Conference booklet:

In 1984 John Stiller documented the small Richardson organ in this church as part of his work as OHTA Research Officer. The following historical notes were made:

This organ was built by C. Richardson, Sydney, and installed in this church as a memorial to Susanna Emily Henn-Gennys who died on 29th January, 1897. It seems most likely that this organ was built around 1900, and was originally installed at the front of the church (in the choir). At some later stage, it was moved to its present position in the corner of the west and north walls.

Various alterations which have been made to this organ include:

1. the removal of the hand-blowing apparatus;

2. the disconnection of the stop action for the Octave coupler;

3. the addition of the Flute d'Amor (on a clamp)...

This instrument is an interesting example of a small organ built by Charles Richardson, featuring a very full and powerful Open Diapason, a lighter Principal, a neutral Stopd. Diapason with a prominent chiff, and a very delicate Flute d'Amor of Dulciana quality. It serves as an excellent indication of Richardson's voicing capabilities and forms an integral part of the heritage to be found in the historic town of Carcoar. Its preservation should be given equal importance with the numerous fine buildings to be found in this picturesque town. A faithful renovation would reveal many latent qualities present in this fine little organ...

The historic value of this organ is highlighted by:

1. retention of all original pipework and the cone-tuning of theinternal open metal pipes;

2. the preservation of the original case...

3. the presence of many original console componetns, such as stop heads, stop labels, keyboard, keybaord cheeks, a concave and parallel pedalbaord, nameplate of builder, and organ bench.

4. the retention of the original double-rise bellows;

5. the preservation of the original mechanical key and stop actions.

The organ is now in poor playing condition and a full restoration would be desirable [a full restoration was undertaken by Roger H. Pogson in 2001].

The specification is:

Manual (unenclosed)
Open Diapason
Stopd. Diapason Treble
Flute d'Amor
Stopd. Diapason

Octave Coupler
Pedal Coupler


Compass 56/25

Mechanical action
Wind pressure 70mm.

Photos supplied by Trevor Bunning May 2006

Photo: Simon Colvin April 2010