Christ Church Anglican Church
Bong Bong

Samuel Parsons, London, circa 1850, 1 manual, 5 stops, no pedals, mechanical

Christ Church is a small but fine example of Regency Gothic architecture, having been built to a design by John Verge and consecrated by Bishop W.G.Broughton in 1845 [1]. In 1884 renovations were undertaken (including the installation of the organ) and in the 1930's the exterior was covered with cement plaster, probably to control damp problems [2]. The church is set in a thoroughly delightful location overlooking a large area.

The organ is one of the best preserved chamber organs in Australia. Built by Samuel Parsons of Bloomsbury in London, circa 1850, and installed from a previous unknown Australian location, this charming organ has remained utterly original with the following interesting features:

a. The retention of all original pipes which are still cone-tuned. The clarity and brilliance of the sound suggests that its original tonal qualities have been preserved. The power and depth of the lower notes of the Stopped Diapason Bass give the impression that the organ has pedals;
b. An attractive mahogany case with gilt display pipes in a good state of preservation;
c. The retention of the original console together with its GG (no GG#) compass; sliding keyboard which enables the entire console to be locked like a cupboard; original copperplate script drawknobs mounted on square shanks; original nameplate; original composition pedals and swell shutter control (hold-down, not hitch-down);
d. An original wind supply system with small double-rise bellows and screwed-on bellows weights in addition to original hand-blowing apparatus;
e. The presence of all other original features, excepting a foot operated blowing lever.[3]

The specification of this remarkable little organ is:

Open Diapason
Stop Diapason Bass
Stop Diapason Treble


(c1 to f3)
(GG to b0)
(c1 to f3)

(c1 to f3)

No pedals
Compass: 58 (no GG#)
Fully enclosed with lever Swell Pedal
Mechanical action [4]

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