The organbuilding firm of Hill, Norman & Beard (Australia), a subsidiary of the well-known English firm of the same name commenced its Australian operations in 1927 and concluded at the end of 1974 with the winding-up of the firm. It operated from a spacious factory in Page Street, Clifton Hill, an inner northern suburb of Melbourne, which still survives as 'The Organ Factory' theatre. The building included pipemaking, voicing, woodwork and storage facilities.

Hill, Norman & Beard completed a large number of contracts during its 47 years of operation. Its order books are in the custody of the University of Melbourne Archives and from these we publish abbreviated details of the work carried out by the firm.

Hill, Norman & Beard Order Books; list of work entrusted to the firm

1930 1940 1950 1960 1970
1931 1941 1951 1961 1971
1932 1942 1952 1962 1972
1933 1943 1953 1963
1934 1944 1954 1964
1935 1945 1955 1965
1936 1946 1956 1966
1937 1947 1957 1967
1928 1938 1948 1958 1968
1929 1939 1949 1959 1969


         1   St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne      1928  rebuild Lewis
                                                       4m 58 sp.st. el.pn.
         2   Melbourne Town Hall                 1928 new organ
                                                       4m 110 sp.st. el.pn.
         3   Trinity Conqregational Church, W.A. 1926  new organ
                                                       3m 24 sp.st. el.pn.
         4   Dunedin Town Hall, N.Z.             1928  reb. of Wembley Exhib.
                                                       organ 1924.
                                                       4n 62 sp.st. el.pn.
         5   St John's Church, Roslyn, N.Z.      1927  rebuild
                                                       2m 17 sp.st. tun.pn.
         6   Hoyt's De Luxe Theatre, Melbourne   1928  new organ
                                                       2m 8 rks. ext. el.pn.
         7   Presbyterian Church, Port Chalmers  1928  new organ
             N.Z.                                      2m 13 sp.st. tub.pn.

         8 Melbourne Grammar School Chapel    1928  tuning contract only
         9 Empire Theatre, Dunedin, N.Z.      1928  new organ
                                                    2m 9 rks. ext. el.pn.
             St Paul'sv Cathedral, Melbourne  1928  rebuild Maskell 2m
              (temp. organ)                         llsp.st. tr.& tub.pn.
         11  Loreto Convent Chapel, Toorak    1928  new organ
                                                    2m 11 sp.st. tub.pn.
         12  St Paul's Church, Caulfield      1928  new organ
                                                    2m 3rks.ext. el.pn.
         13  Presbyterian Church, Greymouth, NZ1928 cleaning & renovating
         14  St Paul's Wesleyan, Greymouth, NZ1928  cleaning, renovating
                                                    & additions
         15  St Paul' s Cathedral, Melbourne  1928  dismantling of blower
         16  Melbourne Grammar School Chapel  1928  cleaning & overhaul
         17  St Peter's Church, Eastern Hill  1928  renovation of pedal
         18  First Church of Christ Scientist,1928  restoration & replace-
             Sydney                                 ment of missing pipe-
         19  Concert Hall, Christchurch, NZ   1928  new organ
                                                    3m 39 sp.st. el.pn.
             Lyceum Hall, Sydney              1928  new organ
                                                    2m 9rks.ext. el.pn.
         21  St Peter's Cathedral, Adelaide   1928  new organ
                                                    4m 48 sp.st. el.pn.
         22  Hoyt's De Luxe Theatre, Melbourne1928  revoicing
         23  St Paul' s Cathedral, Melbourne  1928  repairing damage to
                                                    new console in transit
                                                    from U.K.
         24                                   1928  repairing damage
         25  Melbourne Town Hall              1928  to parts whilst
         26                                   1928  in transit from U.K.
         27  Residence O.C. Hearn, Geelong    1928  cleaning & tuning
         28  Victory Theatre, Kogarah, N.S.W. 1928  new organ
                                                    2m 6rks.ext. el.pn.
         29  St Peter's Church, Eastern Hill  1928  cleaning & overhaul
         30  St Barnabas Church, Fendalton, NZ1928  new organ
                                                    2m 19 sp.st. tub.pn.
         31  Luna Park, St Kilda              1928  releathering bellows
         32  J.E. Dodd, Adelaide              1928
         33  Majestic Theatre, Melbourne      1928  repairing contacts
         34  stock organ                      1928  reconstruction 2m
                                                    16 sp.st.tr.& tub.pm.
         35  Sydney Town Hall                 1928  new blowers (35-40 hp)
         36  Methodist Church, Coburg         1928  overhauling of blower
         37  St Joseph's Church, Malvern      1928  repairing Clarinet
         38  Melbourne Town Hall              1928  repairing damage caused
                                                    to parts in transit
                                                    from U.K.
         39  Hoyt's De Luxe Theatre,          1928  repairing damage to
               Melbourne                            starter
         40                                   1928  repairs to bellows &
                                                    blower of old Wurlitzer
          41   ?
          42   St Barnabas Church, Sydney         1928   cleaning, reairs &
                                                          new blower
          43   Christ Church, St Lawrence, Sydney 1926   new blower
          44   Presbyterian Church, Port Chalmers 1928   new blower
          45   Baptist Church, Collins Street,   1928   repairing damage to
               Melbourne                                organ
          46   Lyceum Hall, Sydney               1928   new blower
          47   ?
          48   H.B. Selby & Co., Melbourne       1928  1 doz. adjustable
                                                        organ pipes for
                                                        demo. purposes
          49   J.E. Dodd, Adelaide              1928
          50   Wellington Town Hall, N.Z.       1929
          51   St Augustine's congregational     1927   new organ
                Church, Waimate, Dunedin, N.Z,   1929   Thn 15 sp.st. tub.pn.
          52   Ccngreqational (Thurch, Newtown   1929   repairs to action
                N.S.W.                                  & tuning
          53   St Paul's Church, Chatswood, NSW  1928   repairs to soundboard
                                                        & overhauling
          54   Congregational Church,Strathfield,1928  repairs

          55   St Barnabas Church, South        1929   replacing arms in
                Melbourne                              pedal roller board
         56   Methodist Church, Port Melbourne  1929   adjustinq couplers
                                                       & pneumatics
         57   Presbyterian Church, Camberwell   1929
         58   St Augustine's, Neutral Bay, NSW  1929   new organ
                                                    2m 15 sp.st. tub.pn.
         59   J.E. Dodd, Adelaide            1929
         60   Melbourne Town Hall            1929   repairing damage
         61                                         caused to pipework in
                                                    transit from U.K.
         62   Christ Church, Gunnedah, N.S.W.1929   regulation & tuning
         63   St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne 1929  fixing new belt to
                                                   blowing plant of
                                                   temporary organ
         64   Residence O.C. Hearne, Geelong 1929
         65   Melbourne Town Hall            1929   repairing damage
                                                  caused to pipework
                                                  whilst in transit
                                                  from U.K.
         66   J.E. Dodd, Adelaide            1929
         67   Holy Trinity, Maldon           1929 repairs to pedal
         68   Metholist Church, Orange, NSW  1929 renovation
         69   Methodist Church, Spring Road, 1929 tuning
         70   St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne 1929   installation of
         71 Methodist Church, Lindfield, NSW 1929  renovation & new blower
         72 Mr Ingram                        1929
         73 St Peter's Church, Ballarat      1929  new organ
                                                   3m 26 sp.st. el.pn.
         74 Augustine Congregational,        1929  renovation and cleaning
         75 E. Alden, Dunedin                1929  blower
         76 St James' Church, Riccarton, NZ  1929  repairs to organ from
                                                   St Barnabas Church,
         77 St Luke's Church, Christchurch   1929  renovation & cleaning
         78 St Stephen 's Church, Willoughby,1929  new organ
            NSW                                    3m 21 sp.st. el.pn.
         79 Sydney Town Hall                 1929  new valves on
         80 Hoyt's De Luxe Theatre, Melbourne 1929 repairing rat damage
         81 St Stephen 's Church, Gardenvale 1929  erecting temporary
                                                   organ from St Paul 's
         82 Roxy Theatre, Parramatta         1929  new organ
                                                   3m 10 rks. ext. el.pn.
         83 Trinity Presbyterian Church,     1929  revoicing 4 reed stops
         84 Gordon Theatre, Sydney           1929  new organ
                                                   2m 8 rks. ext. el.pn.
         85 Dr Bradshaw, Christchurch, NZ.   1929  new blower
         86 St John' s, East Malvern         1929  new blower
         87 Presbyterian Assembly Hall,      1929  new organ
              Sydney                               3m 46 sp.st. el.pn.
         88 First Church of Christ Scientist,1929  chimes
         89 Port Hacking, NSW                1929  installation of
                                                   R.G. Todman's residence
         90 Presbyterian Church, Wahroonga,  1929  installation of old
           NSW                                     organ in new church &
                                                   har.fl. 4' to gt
         91 St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne   1929  maintenance of blowing

         92 Plaza Theatre, Sydney            1930  installation of organ
                                                   from Hoyt's De Luxe
                                                   Theatre, Melbourne
         93 Roxy Theatre, Parramatta         1930  lifting mechanism for
         94 St John's Church, East Malvern         fixing pedal couplers
         95 St Joseph 's Church, Malvern           regulating drawstop
         96 A.E. Taylor, Toorak Road, Malvern      experimental soundboard
         97 Methodist Church, Kew                  overhaul
         98 Luna Park, St Kilda              1930  tuning
         99 H. Bannister & Sons              1930  1 'Rotaero' blower
         100 Christs College, Christchurch, NZ1930 renovation (Hill & Son
                                                   1 887)
      101 Ritz Theatre, Concord, NSW          1930 new organ
                                                   2m 6 rks.ext. el.pn.
         102 St David's Presbyterian, Lindfield1930   new organ
             NSW                                   2m 6 rks.ext. el.pn.
         103 Lyceum Hall, Sydney             1930  electric motor to
                                                   operate console hoist
         104 City Hall, Christchurch, NZ     1930  fitting Viol
                                                   d'orchestre to solo
         105 R,C, Church, Heidelberg         1930  overhauling &
                                                   regulating reed organ
         106 St Peter's Church, Ballarat     1930  altering position of
                                                   organ, rearranging
                                                   trunking & extending
         107 Methodist Church, Preston       1930  installation of organ
                                                   from St Peter's Church
         108 Holy Trinity, Hampton           1930  repairing reed organ
         109 Holy Trinity, Kew               1930  overhauling of action &
                                                   elimination of leakages
         110 St Andrew's Church, Colac       1930  repairs
         111 Roxy Theatre, Parrarnatta       1930  moving percussions
         112 St Phillip's Church, Collingwood1930  blowing gear
         113 St Peter's Church, Ballarat     1930  supplying new Viol
                                                   d'orchestre for Choir
         114 St David's Presbyterian Church, 1930  supplying Sydney branch
             Lindfield                             with parts for this
         115 St Mary's Church, Merivale, NZ  1930  insert Pedal Tranbone &
                                                   Gt Corno Dolce
         116 St Augustine's Church, Unley, SA1930  rebuild Bishop
                                                   3m 29 sp.st. el.pn. ex
                                                   St Peter's Cathedral,
         117 St Joseph's Church, Malvern     1930  repairs to bellows &
         118 St Patrick's Church, Greymouth, NZ1930   cleaning & repairs
         119 do.
         120 R.C. Church, Heidelberg         1930  repairing reed organ
         121 St James' Church, Thornbury     1930  regulating Positive
                                                   organ & releathering
         122 - 250 tunings
         251 St David Church, Lindfield      1930  action components
         252 H.N. & B. works, Sydney         1930  leathers
         253 Presbyterian Assembly Hall, Sydney 1930   off note block
         254 L. Carter, Burnley              1930  5cwt 3 qrs scrap zinc
         255 City Hall, Christchurch, NZ     1930  covering swell box
         256 Luna Park, St Kilda             1930  new blowing plant
         257 Knox Presbyterian Church,       1930 new organ
                Dunedin, N.Z.                      3m 38 sp.st. el.pn.
         258 Memorial Church, Tai Tapu, N.Z. 1930 new organ
                                                   1m 6 sp.st. el.pn.
         259 Ritz Theatre, Concord, N.S.W.
         260 Central School, Coburg
         261 Methodist Church, Coburg
         262 City Hall, Christchurch, N.Z.    1930 glockenspiel
         263 Empire Theatre, Dunedin, N.Z.
         264 St David's Presbyterian Church,
              Lindfield, N.S.W.
         265 City Hall, Christchurch, N.Z.         swell box
         266 St Barnabas Church, Fendalton,   1930 new swell engine
         267 C.W. Leggo                             stock from Sydney ex
                                                   Lyceum Hall
         268 H. Taylor                             stock from Sydney
         268A St Augustine's, Unley, S.A.     1930 quantity of blue felt
         269 5. Noad                          1930 Dulciana ex Lyceum,
         270 St Peter's Cathedral, Adelaide   1930 lining blowing chamber

         271 St Paul's pro Cathedral, Hay, NSW1931 repairs to pipework
         272 Presbyterian Assembly Hall, NSW  1931 supplying additional
         273  Methodist Church, Coburg                  Diap. to Gt
         274 H.N. & B., London                1931 model console with
                                                   electric action of
         275 Demonstration organ              1931 new organ
                                                   2m 15 sp.st. el.pn.
         276 W.F. Wollaston Sydney            1931 erection of Hunter
                                                   organ in showrooms
                                                   and new blower
         277 T.C. Fdwards                          stock from Sydney
         278 C.W. Leggo                            stock from Sydney
         279 Luna Park, St Kilda
         279A (G.F.) Hopkins                       blower
         280                                   1931 model swell shutter
         281  T.C. Fdwards
         282  H.N. & B, London                 1931 model swell shutter
         283                                   1931 fitting hoisting tackle
                                                  in building room
         284  Melbourne Town Hall              1931 5 pieces of beaver
                                                   board 4'3" x 3'8"
         285 T.C. Edwards, Sydney
         286 Presbyterian Assembly Hall, NSW  1931 music desk, locks and
                                                  repairs to roller
         287 Deepdene Church                      pipes [front?]
         289 St Joseph's Church, Malvern         1931 repairs to console
         290 St Andrew's, Christchurch, N.Z.
         291                                        remodelling stock
         292  C.W. Leggo
         293  St John's Church, Invercargill, NZ 1931  rebuild
                                                    3m 26 sp.st. el.pn.
         294  St Scholastica's Convent, Sydney 1931  new organ
                                                    2m 15 sp.st. el.pn.
         295  St John's Church, East Malvern  1931  fit r/c pedalboard
                                                    and action repairs
         296  St Oswald's, Parkside, S.A.     1931  fit tuning slides and
                                                    repairs to metal
         297  St Patrick's Church, Greymouth, NZ
         298  Plaza Theatre                         moving console
         299  Presbyterian Church, Peter sham
         300  Sterling Drug Co.                     old timber - Sydney
         301  Mr Pitmann
         302  Holy Trinity Church, Greymouth, NZ1931  r/c pedalboard and
                                                    tremulant etc.
         303  Luna Park, St Kilda
         304  All Saints' Church, Geelong
         305  T.C. Fdwards, Sydney
         306  paper organ
         307  Oliver J. Nillson                     old machinery
         308  ?
         309  Methodist Church, Clifton Hill        tub.pn. to pedals and
                                                    Bass flute ext and
                                                    tuning slides

         310     Demonstration organ for Wollaston 1932 
               Showrooms, Sydney                    lm 6 sp.st. el.pn.
         311                                        building practice room
         312                                  1932  new voicing machine
         313  St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne        repairing soundboard
         314  Duke of York Theatre, Eastwood  1932  new organ
                                                    2m 7 rks.ext. el.pn.
         315  Burwood Theatre                       erect stock organ
         316  R. de Vries, Northcote          1932  supplying 61 magnets
         317  W. Witt Gregron, Launceston
         318  Baptist Church, Collins Street  1932  repair water damage to
               Melbourne                            pedal soundboard
         319  Dr Roland J. Pope, Sydney       1932  repairs to chamber organ
                                                    and install blower
         320  H.N. & B., Sydney               1932  blower for stock
         321  Sydney plant                          blowing
         322 Holy Trinity Church,             1932 new organ
                South Kensington, N.S.W.           2m 3 rks.ext. el.pn.
                                                   to Methodist Church,
                                                   Barkers Road, Hawthorn.
         323  Baptist Church, Kew              1932 supply new blower
         324  St Matthew's, Albury             1932 regulating pipework and
                                                  fitting some tuning
         325  Prince Edward Theatre, Sydney    1932 cleaning & overhaul
         326  Methodist Church, Port Melbourne 1932 replace all gt & sw.
                                                  pn. motors
         327  R.C. Church, Heidelberg             regulating reed organ
         328  Gordon Theatre, Sydney
         329  Old Kogarah organ                   reconditioning
         330  Sydney University Great Hall     1932 rebuild Forster &
                                                   3m 38 sp.st. el.pn.
         331  Empire Theatre, Dunedin, NZ         supplying leather
         332  St James' Church, Thornbury         repairs
         333  3AW, Melbourne                   1932 installing new blowing
         334  Lyceum Hall, Sydney                 adjustments
         335    do                                cleaning pedal board

         336  H.N. & B., Sydney                1933 remove stock organ from
                                                  Holy Trinity, South
                                                  Kensington to Glebe
         337  St John's Lutheran,              1933 install Welte organ from
               South Melbourne                    Noske residence, Toorak
                                                   + new front pipes
         338  St Augustine's Church, Unley, SA 1933 new motors
         339  St Matthew's Church, Stawell        tuning
         340  St Matthew' Church, Albury
         341  Church Grammar School            1933 re-erection and
               Launceston, Tasmania               restoration of Gray
                                                  organ ex St Georges
                                                  Church, Invermay plus
                                                  pneumatic pedal
         342  St James' Church, West Adelaide     minor adjustments
         343  St David's Presbyterian Church,     repairing bellows
         344  Furness Pianos                       supplying magnets
         345  C.W. Leggo                           supplying conveyances
         346  Mr Stephenson, Launceston            supplying departmental
         347    3AW, Melbourne                      repairs to trunking to
                                                  blowing plant
         348   St Stephen's Presbyterian Church 1933 new organ
               Sydney                              3m 48 sp.st. el.pn.
         349    St John-the-Baptist, Canberra    1933 new organ
                                                  2m 14 sp.st. el.pn.
         350 S.T. Noad                         1933 Stopped diapason & Echo
                                                  gamba supplied
         351  Chas. W. Priest, Adelaide        1933 supply 2nd hand pedal
         352  Baptist Church, East Malvern
         353  Methodist Church, Barkers Road,  1933 new organ (cf 322) 1932
                Hawthorn                            2m 3rks.ext. el.pn.
                                                    case & packing
         354  St Michael's Church, Christchurch 1933 tapped wires
         355  Luna Park
         356  Melbourne Town Hall                   5 stop knobs
         357  Church Grammar School, Lanceston      front pipes
              Presbyterian Church, Wollongong  1936 new organ
                N.S.W.                              2m 17 sp.st.  el.pn.


New Company - Hill, Norman & Beard (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. 1933+

Vl Melbourne Town Hall stop knobs V2 Luna Park, St Kilda tuning, etc. V3 Methodist Church, Hawthorn grille 4 St Michael's Church, Christchurch repairs N.Z. (Bevington/Jenkins) N5 C.W. Leggo, Sydney pipes N6 Methodist Church, Armidale, NSW 1933 installation & restoration of Willis organ ex St Stephen's Church, Sydney T 7 Baptist Church, Launceston repairs & additions V 8 Baptist Church, Collins Street, repairing pipes Melbourne V 9 St Joseph's Church, Malvem repairing pipes (ped. open) 10 Baptist Church, Canberra repairs and overhaul 11 Sacred Heart Church, Petone, N.Z.1933 new organ 2m 11 sp.st. (el.pn?) V12 McPhersons Ltd. blower N13 see below N14 Masonic Temple, Goulburn repairs (bellows, action) V15 Melbourne Grammar School repairs (reed pipe) 16 Congregation Church, Moray Place, cleaning and overhaul Dunedin, N.Z. (Jenkins) 17 City Hall Christchurch 1934 repairs V18 St John s Church, East Malvern repairing pipes V19 Congregational Church, Malvern repairing pipes (CC Trumpet) V20 3AW, Melbourne moving blower V21 McPhersons Ltd. blowing plant N22 St Matthew's Church, Albury repairing pipes (2) N13 Wesley Chapel, Sydney 1933 new organ 2m 16 sp. st. el.pn. T23 St Mary's Cathedral, Hobart 1934 rebuild Fincham 3m 27 sp.st. el.pn. 24 St Andrew's Presbyterian, 1934 new organ Canberra 3m 18 sp.st. el.pn. V25 Christ Church, Brunswick 1934 rebuild Fuller 2m 11 sp.st. tub.pn. V26 Methodist Church, Kew 1934 bellows for pedal V27 McPhersons Ltd. blower V28 Congregational Church, repairs to pipework Malvern N29 St John's Church, Beecroft repairs V30 Baptist Church, Oxford (repairs) to Oboe & R/C Terrace, Christchurch pedals V31 Methodist Church, Oakleigh removal & installation of organ ex methodist Church, Kooyong Road, Caulfield V32 Stock organ (to Holy Trinity 1934/ new organ Surrey Hills) 1935 2m 3rks.ext. el.pn. N33 St Thomas R .C. Church, repairs to blower Lewisham N34 Methodist Church, Orange repairs, tuning & regulating V35 Baptist Church, Williamstown repairs - fitting pulley wheel 36 Blackwell (hairdresser) blower V37 Geelong Grammar School repairs to stop action N3B methodist Church, South 1934 new organ Chatswood 2m 5 rks.ext. el.pn. 39 Methodist Church, Richmond new blower V40 3AW, Melbourne 41 T42 Holy Trinity Church, Hobart 1935 rebuild Gray /Fincham 3m 26 sp.st. tub.pn. N43 Methodist Church, Lindfield, move organ to transept N.S.W. 44 First Church of Christ 1935 new organ Scientist, Christchurch 2m 21 sp.st. el.pn. N45 Strathfield Theatre, N.S.W. 1935 installation of Christie organ ex Ritz Theatre, Concord V46 Littlejohn Memorial Chapel, 1935 new organ Scotch College 2m 13 sp.st. el.pn. V47 All Saints pro Cathedral, 1935 rebuild G & D Bnedigo 2m 13 sp.st. el.pn. 48 St John s Church, (1935) rebuild Invercargill, N.Z. 3m 37 sp.st. el.pn. V49 Oakleigh new organ Convent of Good Shepherd, 1936 2m 11 sp.st. el.pn. SO All Saints Church, Hokitika,1936 restoration N.Z. V51 Trinity College Chapel, 1936 new blower Carlton V52 Presbyterian Church, 1936 repairs to bellows Canterbury V53 methodist Church, Northcote 1936 cleaning and restoration 54 St David's Presbyterian 1936 new front pipes and sw Church, Christchurch Flute 4' 55 First Church of Christ 1936 new blower Scientist, Christchurch 56 Empire Theatre, Dunedin 1936 repairs to pneumatic motors V57 Second Church of Christ 1936 new organ Scientist, Camberwell 2m 12 sp.st. el.pn. 58 59 St Paul's Church, Oamaru, NZ 1936 repairs & additions (Jenkins) V60 Holy Trinity Church, Stawell 1936 repairs & overhaul (Fincham) N61 Astra Theatre, Parramatta 1936 new organ 2m 5 rks.ext. el.pn. glass console case V62 Holy Trinity, Maldon 1937 new blower 63 St Paul's Church, Oamaru 1937 new blower T64 Baptist Church, Launceston 1937 supply Ten.C. Strings V65 Union Presbyterian Church, 1937 new blower & repairs North Melbourne 66 Stow Congregational Church,1937 revoicing 3 reed stops Adelaide 67 St Andrew's Presbyterian 1937 new blower; cleaning & Church, Christchurch repairs + new Bourdon pipes T68 St John's Presbyterian 1937 new blower Church, Hobart V69 All Saints Church, St Kilda1937 attaching new pedalboard to organ V70 St Andrew's Presbyterian 1937 new organ 3 rks. ext. Church, Gardiner V71 Trinity Presbyterian Church,1937 re-covering keys; clean & Camberwel 1 adjust stop actions 72 Dunedin Town Hall, N.Z. 1937 cleaning and overhaul 73 St Alban's Church, 1937 cleaning and overhaul Christchurch, N. Z. 74 Congregational Church, 1937 rebuild F & H Glenelg, S.A. 2m 18 sp.st. el.pn. 75 St Luke's Church, 1937 repairs Christchurch 76 St Mary's Church, Merivale,1937 additions (sw reeds & 32ft N.Z. pedal reed etc.) V77 Methodist Church, Victoria 1937 new blower Street, Footscray V78 St Andrew's Presbyterian 1937 action repairs Church, Colac V79 St Matthew's Presbyterian 1937 repairs to pneumatic action Church, Stawell V80 Congregational Church, 1937 tuning slides and tuning Oxford Str., Collingwood V81 H.S.Hunter, Esq., Brighton 1937 blower & regulation for reed Beach organ V82 Geelong Grammar School 1937 repairs Chapel 83 V84 Queens College Chapel, 1937 cleaning & overhaul Carlton V85 Lawrence & Hanson Elec. Co.1938 blower for reed organ Ltd. V86 Geelong Grammar School 1938 supply & fit trunking from Music School blower to distribution box V87 St Paul's Cathedral, 1938 reface pedals Melbourne V88 Presbyterian Church, 1938 supply blower (for reed Birregurra or an V89 St Ignatius Church, 1938 supply & fit tuning slides Richmond & cleaning 90 Banks Peninsula Electric 1938 supply blower Power Board 91 St Mary's Church, Merivale 1938 fit pedal fifteenth 4ft V92 Methodist Church, Oakleigh 1938 fit new Open Diapason 8 stop + blower V93 Geelong Grammar School 1938 cleaning & renovation 94 St Mary's Church, Addington,1938 fit new blower N.Z. V95 St John's Church, East 1938 fit tuning slides + action Malvern repairs 96 V97 St Ignatius Church, Richmond 1938 repairs to blowing plant 98 St Andrew's Presbyterian 1938 addition of swell Horn 8ft Church, Christchurch 99 St John's Church, Roslyn, NZ1938 cleaning & overhaul V100 Melbourne Grammar School 1938 action repairs & fit tuning slides & GP rev piston 101 German Lutheran Church 1938 rebuild Mackenzie 2m 16 stops. el.pn. T102 Baptist Church, Launceston 1939 fit new tremulant T103 Convent of Good Shepherd, 1938 new organ 2m 13 stops.el.pn. Sandy Bay V104 Geelong Grammar School 1939 new blower (5 hp) V105 Methodist Church, Burke 1939 action repairs Road, East Malvern V106 St Anselm's Church, Middle 1939 repairs Park V107 St Paul's Church, Caulfield 1939 dismantle & store; re-erect in new church T108 All Saints Church, Hobart 1939 fit tuning slides & regulate action & pipework V109 St Peter's Church, 1939 overhaul 2 reed organs Mo rningt on V110 C. Brodie, Montmorency 1939 repairs to reed organ V111 Presbyterian Church, 1939 fit RCO pedalboard Hawthorn V112 Methodist Church, Croxton 1939 clean & tune reed organ 113 1939 clean & tune reed organ at factory 114 Stow Memorial Congregational 1939 rebuilt Sp. & Ing. Church, Adelaide 2m 30 sp.st. el.pn. V115 St Hilary's Church, Kew 1939 re-erect organ in new church T116 St John's Presbyterian, 1939 repairs to pedal soundboard Hobart V117 St Giles' Presbyterian 1939 releather reservoir Church, Geelong 1118 St Andrew's Presbyterian 1939 rebuild Brindley Hobart 3m 40 sp.st. el.pn. V119 St Andrew's Presbyterian 1939 re-erect in new church with Gardiner additions 120 Methodist Church, Durham 1939 cleaning, overhaul and Street, Christchurch electrification (Bishop?) V121 Andrew's Presbyterian 1939 re÷erection of Aeolian organ Church, Frankston from residence Dr McKeddie 122 Knox Presbyterian Church, 1939 cleaning and overhaul Dunedin 123 St Luke's Church, 1939 action repairs Christchurch N124 Methodist Church, 1939 rebuild 2m 11 sp.st. el.pn. Wollongong Baptist Church, Oxford 1939 clean, overhaul and fit Terrace, Christchurch tuning slides Chalmers Presbyterian 1939 rebuild Dodd Church, Adelaide 2m 19 sp.st. el.pn. War years September 1939 - August 1945 Manufacture of boxes and cases for defence services. Only minor work (urgent repairs) allowed. T148 St Andrew's Presbyterian 1940 rebuild (of 118) Church, Hobart 149 H.R. Balfour 1941 2nd hand glockenspiel V150 St George's Presbyterian 1941 fit swell tremulant Church, East St Kilda V151 St Andrew's Presbyterian 1941 cleaning relays, felts, Church, Gardiner V152 do. 1941 cleaning action and electromagnets V153 Christ Church, South Yarra1941 fitting tuning slides, and caps to oboe N154 S.T. Noad, Sydney 1941 pipework, supply of N155 St Saviour 's Cathedral, 1941 repairs Goulburn 156 C.W. Leggo 1942 supply of blower N157 Lyceum Hall, Sydney 1942 altering position of console S158 St Peter's Cathedral, 1942 removing, packing and Adelaide storing pipes in crypt V159 Our Lady of Lourdes, 1942 3 rank unit organ Thornbury V160 do. 1942 blower for above V161 Pennant Plating Co., Balwyn1942 three 3÷phase motors T162 Revd R.B. Cranswick, 1942 blower Devonport 163 Mr A.C. Carpenter 1942 new bench V164 G.P. Embeylton & Co., 1942 drilling machine Melbourne V165 Ballarat Woollen & Worsted 1942 drill Co V121 Peter's Cathedral, 1943 replacing pipes and part Adelaide cleaning T167 Christ Church, Longford, 1943 blower Tasmania V168 Holy Trinity, Kew 1944 repairs V169 Methodist Church, Hyde 1944 blower Park, Kew V170 Cairns Memorial Church, 1944 new tremulant and balanced East Melbourne swell pedal N171 St Saviour's Cathedral, 1944 repairs Goulburn N172 St John's, Beecroft, 1944 repairs and cleaning N.S.W. S173 St Paul's, Adelaide 1944 blower 174 St Cuthbert's Priory 1945 blower Church V175 Christ Church, Casterton 1945 blower N176 St Stephen's, Sydney 1945 re-covering pneumatic motors V177 St Paul's Church, Geelong 1945 fit 8 toe pistons V178 St John's, Warrnambool 1945 repair pedal organ V179 Trinity College, Parkville1945 cure leaks and repairs 1180 St Mark's, Deloraine 1945 2nd hand blower V181 Methodist Church, Richmond1945 blower V182 St Matthew's, Stawell 1945 supply & fit new primary pneumatics Gt & Sw V183 St Thomas', Toorak 1945 new blower V184 Loreto Convent, Toorak 1945/ cleaning, and addition 1946 gt Principal 4ft V185 Methodistt Church, Richmond 1945 refelting & regulating action V186 St Mark's, Fitzroy 1946 repairing, rebushing and refelting action V187 Baptist Tabernacle, 1946 cleaning, regulating and Collingwood repairs V188 Congregational Church, 1946 repair and regulate action Malvern V189 St Paul's Cathedral, 1945 cleaning and repairs Melbourne Methodist Church, Durham replacement in church Street, Christchurch V190 Trinity Presbyterian, 1946 overhaul swell main action Camberwell V191 Christ Church, Casterton 1946 connection blower to reed organ V192 Melbourne Grammar School 1946 cleaning, overhaul & repair V193 Baptist Tabernacle, 1946 blower Coll ingwood V194 All Saints' Northcote 1946 blower 1195 St Andrew's, Evandale 1946 blower/cancelled order V196 St Stephen's Presbyterian,1946 new organ 2m 18 sp.st. Caulfield V197 St Peter's, Box Hill 1946 blower St198 1946 6 stock tremulants St199 1946 stock Lieb. Bdn. V200 Methodist Church, St Kilda 1946 blower St201 1946 6 stock roller valves V202 Melbourne Grammar School 1946/ rebuild Norman & Beard 1947 St203 1946 violone V204 Rolland House, Carlton 1946/ new organ 2m 8 sp.st. 1947 V205 State Theatre, Melbourne 1946 repairs to action & pipework V206 Baptist Church, Footscray1946 new organ 2m 15 sp.st. V207 St Andrew's Presbyterian,1946 fit 2nd hand violone & gt Gardiner reservoir V208 St Silas, Albert Park 1946 cleaning, repairs & tuning slides St209 1946 flauto d'amour (stock) St210 1946 Claribel flute (stock) V211 St David's Presbyterian, 1947 rebuild Taylor 2m 20 sp.st. Newtown V212 Christ Church, South Yarra1946 sharpen pitch of organ V213 Mr Eggington, South Yarra 1947 repair & adjust piano pedal attachment NZ214 Trinity Congregational 1947 rebuild Bishop & Son. Church, Christchurch 2m 21 sp.st. V215 St Jude's, Alphington 1947 new organ 2m 9 sp.st. St216 1947 stools St217 1947 4 sets pedals N218 St Philip's, Eastwood 1947 cleaning & repairs St219 1947 6 swell pedals V220 St Paul's, Caulfield 1947 repair blower St221 1947 12 blind boxes V222 Convent of Good Shepherd,1949 new organ 2m 12 sp.st. Albert Park V223 St Andrew's Presbyterian,1947 repairs Box Hill V234 Trinity Presbyterian, 1947 clean & regulate reeds Camberwell V235 Baptist Church, Box Hill 1947 revoice open & dulc & replace damaged pipes V226 St Ignatius, Richmond 1947 repair trackers, drawknob etc. V227 Cairns Memorial Church, 1947 rebuild Fuller 2m 26 sp.st East Melbourne N228 Assembly Hall, Sydney 1947 re-covering pedal motors N229 Wesley Chapel, Sydney 1947 re-cover motors V230 St George's Presbyterian,1947 repairs & clarinet, pedal East St Kilda extensions V231 Methodist Church, Denham 1947 easing slides Street, Hawthorn NZ232 St Mary's Church, 1947 new organ Waipukurau, N.Z. 2m 10 sp.st. el.pn. V233 Methodist Church, 1948 rebuild G. Fincham Northcote 2m 16 sp.st . el .pn. NZ234 Christs College, 1947 rebuild Hill & Son Christchurch, N.Z. 2m 28 sp.st. el.pn. V235 St John's Presbyterian 1947 rebuild Taylor church, Warrnambool (49) 2m 23 sp.st. V235A Presbyterian Church, 1948 repairs to soundboards, Canterbury slides, etc. V235B Christ Church Cathedral, 1948 roller blind valve St Arnaud V235C St John's Church, Dunolly1948 roller blind valve NZ235D Christchurch City Council1948 rectifier V235E St Paul's Cathedral, 1948 changes to sw pedals; Melbourne pedal-board repairs; Orch. Tuba revoiced on h.w.; trem to Orch. V235F Catholic Ladies' College,1947/ cleaning and new blower East Melbourne 1951 V236 See V196 V237 St Matthew's Church, 1948 new organ Geelong 2m 20 sp.st. el.pn. N238 St Paul's Church, Lithgow, 1948 new organ N.S.W. 2m 17 sp.st. el.pn. V239 Methodist Church, Barkers1948 repairs to console Road, Hawthorn N241 St Andrew's Cathedral, 1948 rebuild Hill/Whitely Sydney 4m 77 sp.st. el.pn. V242 St Stephen's Presbyterian,1949 additions to organ Caulfield V243 Congregational Church, 1949 rebuild Courcelle Geelong (50) 2m 12 sp.st. V244 Methodist Church, Golden 1949 rebuild Mackenzie Square (51) 2m 22 sp.st. T245 St Andrew's, Westbury 1949 blower & roller blind V246 Second Church of Christ 1949 cleaning, releathering & Scientist, Camberwell new rectifier V246A Paul & Gray Pty. Ltd. 1949 repairing fog horn V247 Baptist Church, Aberdeen 1949 repairs to pedal action Street, Geelong V248 St Paul's Cathedral, 1949 repairs to console relays & Melbourne steady solo wind V249 Holy Trinity, Coburg 1949 clean & overhaul V250 Welsh Presbyterian Church,1949 releathering motors Melbourne N251 Hoskins Presbyterian, 1951 action repairs, cleaning Lith gow V252 Trinity Presbyterian, 1949 cleaning, overhaul, new Camberwell blower, action repairs & reeds revoiced electrify action 11253 Sacred Heart Cathedral, 1949 rebuild Bishop 3m 44 sp.st. Bendigo V254 St Peter's Church, 1949 action repairs Ballarat V255 St Andrew's Presbyterian, 1949 rebuild Fincham 2m 26 sp.st. Box Hill V256 Littlejohn Chapel, Scotch 1949 fit new Claribel flute & College releathering V257 St James, Dandenong 1949 releathering NZ258 Wellington College, N.Z. 1949 new organ 2m 27 sp.st. (to Scotch College) V259 Christ Church, South Yarra1950 reface pedalboard T260 St Barnabas, Scotsdale 1950 2nd hand blower V261 Church of Christ, 1949 suction fan Caulfield V262 Baptist Church, Brunswick1948 rebuild G & D 2m 19 sp.st. (50) V263 St James, Dandenong 1951 re-covering keyboards V264 St Andrew's Presbyterian,1951 rebuild Dodd 2m 18 sp.st. Colac V264A Revd Miles, Mount Beauty 1950 3 sample organ pipes F265 Suva Cathedral, Fiji 1950 rebuild Rest Cartwright (52) 3m 35 sp.st. V266 All Saints, Newtown 1950 rebuild Hardy & Son 2m 19 sp.st. V267 Colac Masonic Lodge 1950 blower V268 Congregational Church, 1950 completion; new swell Geelong soundboard on el.pn. V269 Union Memorial Presby- 1950 rebuild Fincham terian, North Melbourne (53) 2m 17 sp.st. V270 St Andrew's Presbyterian,1950 new organ 3m 22 sp.st. Footscray (54) V271 cancelled (A.S.H. Gifford) V272 Christ Church, South Yarra1950 restore great stop actions V273 Rolland House 1950 remove blower V274 St John's, Camberwell 1952 rebuild Fincham 2m 16 sp.st. V275 cancelled (Christ Church, Brunswick - cleaning) V276 St Andrew's, Port Fairy 1951 suction fan + trunking V277 St Giles' Church, Geelong1951 pneumatic touch box V278 Presbyterian Church, 1951 repairs Frankston T279 cancelled (Methodist Churcy, Paterson Street, Launceston) NZ280 Christchurch, N.Z. 1951 44 pipes Gamba V281 Christ Church, South Yarra1951 rebuild Hill & Son 3m 40 sp.st. C282 St John's Church, East 1951 restoration of all stop & Malvern combination actions NZ283 cancelled (Methodist Church, Rangiora, N.Z.) V284 Presbyterian Church, 1951 releathering action Hawthorn NZ285 Knox Church, Dunedin 1951 repairs W286 Johnson Memorial Church, 1951 repairs to pipework Fremantle N287 St Mark's Church, Darling 1952 clean manual pipework & fit Point tuning slides V288 St Peter's Church, Eastern 1951 repairs to console and Hill combination action V289 St Peter's Church, 1951 new organ 2m 13 sp.st. Mornington V290 St George's Presbyterian 1952 rebuild Fincham 2m 22 sp.st. Church, Geelong V291 St Paul's Church, Bendigo1952 rebuild Fuller 3m 39 sp.st. N292 Congregational Church, 1952 electrify pedal action, with Mosinan, N.S.W. addition V293 St Paul's Church, Bendigo1952 remake secondhand console ex St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney 5294 St Peter's Cathedral, 1952 repair Tuba action Adelaide V295 St Mary's Church, North 1952 repair swell & great main Melbourne motors Miss McDermott 1952 repair piano pedal attachment cancel led (Presbyterian Church, Brunswick) V298 St Paul's Church, 1952 repairs to keyboards, Caulfield contacts N299 Central Methodist Mission,1952 new stopkeys & action repairs Sydney V300 St Paul's Cathedral, 1952 replace piston touches by Melbourne orthodox thumb pistons; replace comp. pedals by toe pistons; extra reversibles & doubles off device V301 Cairns Memorial Church, 1952 move console East Melbourne V302 Methodist Church, Yarra 1953 repairs to electric action Street, Geelong in console etc. NZ303 St Michael's Church, 1957 components for electrifying Christchurch action (Bevington) N304 St Stephen's Presbyterian1951 releathering repairs to Church, Sydney action etc. V305 St Mary's Church, 1952 fitting blower in soundproof Thornbury box T306 Memorial Congregational 1952 supplying pneumatic stop Church, Hobart controls N307 Third Church of Christ 1951 new organ 2m 22 sp.st. Scientist, Mosman V307A Mr W. Eggington 1953 repairing piano pedal attachment V308 Presbyterian Church, 1953 new set main pallet springs Hawthorn F309 Holy Redeemer Church, 1952? repairs Levuka, Fiji N310 University of Sydney 1952 releather Great reservoir, repairs to trunking, motors N311 St Saviour's Cathedral, 1952 flooding, restoring & Goulburn releathering Great soundboard & actions V312 St John's Church, Toorak 1953 releather swell coupler chest & pedal touch box V313 Methodist Church, Coburg 1953 replace sw & gt pneumatic motors V314 Presbyterian Church, Kew 1953 clean organ, fit tuning slides, repairs to action V315 Trinity College Chapel, 1953 repair swell to pedal coupler Carlton V316 Methodist Church, Balwyn 1953 electrification of action, addition of extra couplers, Oboe V317 St Mary's Church, 1953 releathering sw & gt North Melbourne pneumatic motors V318 Presbyterian Church, 1953 electrical check Warracknabeal N319 Masonic Temple, Goulburn 1953 cleaning & releathering action V319A Gas & Fuel Corporation 1953 organ pipes for frequency purposes V320 Trinity Presbyterian 1952 move console; new reservoirs Church, Camberwell V321 Methodist Church, Coburg 1953 replace swell relay pneumatics T322 Mr Birrell, Launceston 1953 1 secondhand set of keys V323 Christ Church, Maryborough1953 revoicing metal Piccolo V324 Wesley Church, Hamilton 1953 rebuild Fincham 2m 12 sp.st. V325 Scotch College, Hawthorn 1953 supply rectifier V326 Methodist Church, 1953 overhaul Summerhill Road, Glen Iris V327 cancelled (St Luke's Church, South Melbourne) V328 Methodist Church, 1953 cleaning & repairs to action Port Melbourne N329 St Barnabas Church, 1954 cleaning & fit tuning slides Broadway T330 St John's Church, 1953 supply Claribel flute Launceston N331 St Saviour's Cathedral 1954 fit 20 sets tuning slides Goulburn Trinity College Chapel, 1954 repair pedal touch box Ca rlt on V333 Melbourne Grammar School, 1954 cure noises in main wind South Yarra system T334 St John's Church, Newtown 1956 rebuild Hill & Son 2m 21 sp.st. V335 St Paul's Cathedral, 1954 convert three expression Melbourne pedals V336 St Andrew's Church, 1954 supply automatic exhaust Brighton V337 Majestic Theatre, 1954 repair damaged front pipe Melbourne NZ338 T.Robertson, Christchurch 1955 supply action parts V339 St Andrew's Presbyterian 1954 remake front pipes & pipe Church, Box Hill blocks for new case V340 cancelled (Wesley Church, Colac) V341 St Andrew's Church, 1954 repair runnings on Great Box Hill Organ V342 Methodist Church, Coburg 1954 new blower V343 Methodist Church, Noble 1954 rebuild Fincham 2m 16 sp.st. Street, Geelong N344 Presbyterian Church, 1954 new console Hurstville T345 Trinity Church, Newtown 1954 supply new pneumatic motors V346 St John's Church, Toorak 1954 refacing pedal board V347 Methodist Church, 1954 new blower Camberwell V348 Christ Church, Brunswick 1954 fit blower box; dismantle Great expression box V349 St Stephen's Church, 1954 supply new Claribel flute Caulfield V350 cancelled (Holy Trinity Church, Coburg) V351 St Peter's Church, 1954 restore Gt & ch stop actions V352 St George's Church, 1954 remove Fincham organ from Bentleigh St Saviour's Church, Collingwood; restore & re-erect at Bentleigh V353 cancelled (St Silas' Church, Albert Park) V354 St Giles' Church, Geelong1954 Supply pneumatics for front pipes Scotch College, Hawthorn 1954 refacing pedalboard of chapel V356 Holy Trinity Church, 1954 organ supplying 2 relays Ararat (pneumatic) V357 Convent of Good Shepherd,1955 clean & restore organ Oakleigh V358 Bates, Smart & McCutcheon1955 supply organ front for Wilson Hall N359 St Oswald's Church, 1955 supply new Fifteenth with Haberfield chest & action Melbourne V360 Christ Church, South Yarra 1954 install new chest for Gt/Ch V361 St Andrew's Church, 1954 Trumpet Geelong move console, fit additional relays & tubing St Andrew's Church, Colac1955 fit toe piston bank for swell pistons etc. V362A State Theatre 1955 repairs to feeder trunk in main chamber V363 St Silas' Church, Albert 1955 stay up & repair Gt rack Park boards V364 Scotch College, Hawthorn 1954 install organ & new Horn, Trumpet stops V365 Holy Trinity Church, 1957 rebuild Fincham 2m 26 sp.st. Coburg V366 Methodist Church, 1955 cure unsteady wind Camberwell V367 Christ Church Cathedral, 1955 restoration to action and St Arnaud pipework T368 Presbyterian Church, 1955 dismantle organ at Erskine Newtown Presbyterian Church, Carlton; clean organ, fit tuning slides, repair action & re÷erect Hobart V369 St Paul's Cathedral, 1955 rebuild action of pedal Melbourne department (Double open diapason 32, Open diapason 16 & Ppsaune 16) V369A do. 1955 Violone & Violoncello also V370 Trinity College, Carlton 1955 repair swell stop actions V371 St Matthew's Ch, Geelong 1955 supply pedal Flute pipest and action V372 Meth Ch, Yarra St, Geelong1955 repair wind trunks N373 Christ Ch Cathedral, 1955 supply 11 sets tuning slides Newcastle V374 Dr Long 1955 supply 8 pipes to match clock sample N375 Pres Ch, Wollongong 1955 supply and fit 1 poppet V376 Sacred Heart Ch, Kew 1955 supply blower V377 cancelled (Congregational Ch, Hughesdale blower) V377a Lutheran Ch, Warrayure 1955 supply blower V378 Christ Ch, Brunswick 1955 recover two sets of main motors T379 Holy Trinity Ch, Hobart 1955 supply blower V380 A S H Gifford, Burwood 1955 supply new stopped diapason V381 St John's Ch, Toorak 1955 repair pneumatic motors V382 St Andrew's Ch, 1955 supply new switchstack Warracknabeal V383 MortonRay Masonic Temple,1955 recover pneumatic motors Caulfield V384 St John's Ch, Camberwell 1955 new organ 3m,47sp st. V385 Melbourne Grammar School 1956 repairs N386 St Saviour's Cath, Goulburn 1956 repairs V387 All Saints' Cath, Bendigo 1956 replace faulty pneumatics V388 Meth Ch, Warrnambool 1955 new organ 2m,l5sp st. N389 Church of Ch Scientist, 1956 cleaning; releather pedal Chatswood pneumatics, etc. V390 St James Ch, Orbost 1956 repairs F391 Catholic Cathedral, Suva 1956 supply 56 Diapason pipes S392 St Andrew's Preys Ch, 1957 rebuild Fincham 2m,3lsp St. Mt Gambier V393 St Andrew's Preys Ch, 1956 cleaning, fit tuning slides, Geelong releathering, etc. V394 Lutheran Ch, Hamilton 1956 new organ 2m,l9sp St. V395 St Matthew's Ch, Geelong 1956 supply 12 pipes Open wood and action V396 Meth Ch, Coburg 1956 repairs V397 Christ Ch, Hamilton 1956 rebuild Casson 2m,24sp st. V398 St Andrew s Preys Ch, 1956 supply Great to Pedal Footscray reversible N399 St Stephen's Pres Ch,Sydney1956 fit 12 new magnets V400 State Theatre' 1956 repairs V401 St Michael's Lutheran Ch, 1956 rebuild Fincham 2m,2Osp.st. Tarrington N403 St Andrew's Cath, Sydney 1956 fit dust covers over relays and switchstack T404 St James Church, Ranelagh 1956 supply and fit 209 relay motors V405 Clarrie Findlay, East 1956 supply reservoir and blocks Ma lv ern T406 All Saints' Ch, Hobart 1956 install old blower from V407 Christ Ch, Essendon 1956 Holy Trinity Church repairs and releathering V408 Methodist Ch, Camberwell 1956 rebuild Fincham 2m, 32sp st. V409 St John's Ch, Toorak 1956 repair reed pipes V410 Scotch College, Hawthorn 1956 cleaning and restoring (chapel?) organ N411 St John's Ch, Canberra 1956 repairs N412 St Matthew's Ch, Albury 1955 rebuild Fincham 2m,27sp St. N413 Assembly Hall, Sydney 1956 releathering V414 Congregational Ch, Malvern 1956 releathering primary pneumatics V415 St James' Church, Orbost 1956 supply 200 discs N416 St Saviour's Cath, Goulburn1956 releather man÷ped action motors N417 St Paul's Ch, Canberra 1956 move + re÷erect organ; clean and overhaul V418 Melbourne Grammar School 1956 minor repairs; soften Mixture III rks S419 Christ Ch, Mount Gambier 1957 rebuild Fincham 2m,2Osp St. V420 Christ Ch, South Yarra 1956 supply Open Diapason II V421 Second Ch of Christ 1956 regulate speech of pipes Scientist, Camberwell N422 St Mary's Cath, Sydney 1956 tuning + regulating west end organ V423 St John's Ch, Horsham 1957 dismantling organ V424 St John's Ch, Horsham 1957 rebuild Fincham 2m,2Osp st. V425 St Leonard's Pres Ch, 1957 rebuild Stone 2m,22sp stt Brighton V426 Welsh Church, Melbourne 1957 - T427 Scots Ch, Hobart 1956 move console + repairs to action V428 St Barnabas Ch, Balwyn 1957 repair Open Diapason slide V429 Levuka, Fiji 1957 rebuild + sold (Positive organ) V430 St Andrew's Ch, Brighton 1957 fix running V431 St Andrew's Preys Ch, Bendigo 1957 rebuild Fuller 2m,29sp st. V432 St George's Ch, Malvern 1957 rebuild Fincham 2m,23sp st V433 St Peter's Ch, Ballarat 1957 moving console V434 Meth Ch, Highfield Rd, 1957 rebuild Hamlin & Son Canterbury /63 2m, 16sp. st. V435 Trinity Coll, Carlton 1957 rebuild Dodd 2m,2lsp st. V436 St Paul's Cath, Melbourne1958 fit new pedal springs V437 Holy Trinity Ch, Surrey 1958 recover relay pneumatics Hills V438 St Peter's Ch, Ballarat 1957 supply new Stopped diapaston V439 Scotch Coll, Hawthorn 1958 repair stopkeys, rebuild 2 reservoirs + supply new reservoir N440 St Stepherfs Ch, Sydney 1958 restore Swell soundboard V441 St Paul's Ch, Bendigo 1958 supply 12 top notes to Contra oboe N442 Presbyterian Ch, Petersham1958 releather front pipe chest N443 Central Meth Mission, Sydney 1958 releathering + reset chimes V444 St James Ch, Thornbury 1958 move organ V445 Holy Trinity Ch, Coburg 1958 move blower N446 St Paul's Ch, Lithgow 1958 releathering part of Great soundboard V447 St John's Ch, Camberwell 1958 piston controls V448 St John's Ch, Toorak 1958 supply + fit universal joint coupling to blower + fit fabric sleeves to main trunk V449 Sacred Heart Ch, Kew 1958 repairs to blower motor V450 St Andrews Ch, Brighton 1958 supply 2nd hand Clarinet stop V451 Baptist Ch, Coburg 1958 fit blower V452 St John's Pres Ch, 1958 electric modifications to Warrnambool front pipes V453 Methodist Ch, Coburg 1958 restore + releather pedal chests V454 Methodist Ch, Mt Gambier 1958 new set Sw. soundboard springs N455 Congregational Ch, Petersham 1958 restoration T C Lewis N456 St Stephen's Ch, Willoughby 1958 recover 12 shutter motors V457 St Paul's Ch, Frankston 1958 new organ 2m,l4sp st. V458 St Jude's Ch, Alphington 1958 fit swell Horn (Palmer's) V459 Christ Church, Brunswick 1958 repair bottom note chests V460 Queen's College, University 1957 rebuild Dodd 2m,2lstp st. of Melbourne V461 St Johns Ch, Toorak 1958 rebuild Hill 3m,50 sp st. V462 St Barnabas Ch, Balwyn 1959 rebuild Taylor ex North Carlton Pres. 2m 18sp St. N463 St Andrew's Ch, Summer Hill1958 releathering manual actions V464 Presbyterian Ch, Kew 1958 rebuild Taylor 2m,l2sp st. V465 St Peter's Ch, Eastern Hill1959 repair pneumatics V466 Lutheran Ch, Mt Gambier 1959 new blower + bellows V467 St Matthias' Ch, Richmond 1959 restoration N468 Pres Ch, Hurstville 1959 releather pneumatics N469 St Anne s Ch, Strathfield 1959 releather switchstack pneumatics + adjust contacts V470 St Paul's Ch, Canterbury 1959 clean organ + add Gemshorn, Flageolet to Swell V471 St Andrew's Ch, Brighton 1959 repairs V472 St Matthew's, Ch, Geelong 1959 transfer adjuster board V473 St John's Lutheran Church, 1959 rebuild Welte 2m,24sp st. South Melbourne V474 St Andrew's Ch, Hamilton 1959 repairs, regulation V475 Haileybury College, Brighton 1959 new organ 2m,29sp St. V476 All Saints' Ch, Kooyong 1959 repair Oboe pipes V477 All Saints' Ch, St Kilda 1959 minor repairs V478 Unitarian Ch, Melbourne 1959 electrification, etc. V479 Methodist Ch, Camberwell 1959 3 phase rectifier V480 Presbyterian Ch, Canterbury 1959 rebuild Taylor 2m,22sp St. V481 St Paul's Cathedral, 1959 clean choir + part pedal Melbourne organ; redesign choir under- actions; console restored V482 Lutheran Ch, Warrayure 1960 rebuild Taylor. 2m,2Osp st. V483 Christ Church, Geelong 1961 rebuild Courcelle. 2m, 31sp stt. V484 Holy Trinity Ch, 1959 remove sw soundboard, Surrey Hills releather, etc. N485 St Stephen's Ch, Willoughby 1959 dismantle organ, store + re÷erect on new site N486 St Andrew's Cath, Sydney 1959 repairs V487 Presbyterian Ch, Carlton 1959 supply + fit suction fan V488 All Saints' Ch, St Kilda 1959 repair reservoirs N489 St Oswald's Ch, Haberfield 1959 releather combination + note actions V490 Congreg. Ch. Camberwell 1960 rebuild lm,llsp st. N491 St Saviour's Cathedral, 1959 Gt soundboard restored + Goulburn partial releathering V492 Meth Ch, Glendearg Gve, 1960 rebuild Fincham.2m,l4sp st. Malvern V493 All Saints Ch, Kooyong 1960 pipe repairs V494 St James' Ch, Dandenong 1960 rebuild G + D 2m,24sp st. V495 Trinity Pres.Ch, Camberwell1960 revoice Cornopean + Oboe V496 Cairns Mernl Ch, E.Melb. 1960 cleaning + repair action V497 Congregational Ch, Kew 1960 rebuild Fuller; 2m,l7sp st. V498 St Jude's Ch, Carlton 1960 cleaning + adjust action V499 Davis & Laurie 1960 13 front pipes V500 Scotch College, Hawthorn 1960 clean electro-magnets (hall) N501 St Andrew's Pres Ch, 1960 restoration Leichhardt N502 Scots Church, Mosman 1960 cleaning + repair action N503 St John's Ch, Parrarnatta 1960 releather bellows N504 St Barnabas Ch, Balwyn 1960 new breakdown V505 St Paul's Ch, Frankston 1960 treat magnets; new trunk V506 cancelled (Congregational Ch, Brunswick) V507 Holy Trinity Ch, 1960 install new switchstack Surrey Hills + wiring V508 St John's Ch, East Malvern - ? V509 St Cuthbert's Pres Ch, 1960 rebuild Fincham, 2m,24sp st. Brighton V510 Christ Church Cathedral, 1961 electrification St Arnaud V511 St Joseph's Ch, Malvern 1961 temporary repairs V51 2 Melbourne Grammar School 1961 repairs V513 St Luke's Ch, Brighton 1960 new or an 2m,2Osp st. 4 ranks V514 Methodist Ch, Preston 1961 repairs N515 Wesley Chapel, Sydney 1961 cleaning + restoration V516 St Paul's Cath, Melbourne 1960 repairs to reed resonators V517 St Peter's Ch, 1962 cleaning + electrify action Brighton Beach N518 St Paul's Preys. Ch, Rozelle 1960 releather, adjust action etc. pneumatics, patch reservoir V519 German Lutheran Ch, 1961? cleaning East Melbourne V520 St Anselm's Ch, Middle Park 1961 restoration V521 All Sts' Cathedral, Bendigo 1961 blower + rectifier; restoration + enlargement V522 Meth Ch, Barkers Road, 1961 rebuild console with new Hawthorn action V523 Baptist Ch, Footscray 1961 replace contacts, clean con sole V524 St Augustine's Ch, Moreland1961 attention to Swell organ pipes Trinity College, Carlton 1961 attention to rain damage to organ V526 St Andrew's Preys Ch, 1961 supply + fit new tremulant Gardiner V527 Meth Ch, Burke Rd, E.Malvern 1961 rebuild Taylor N528 Masonic Hall, Sydney 1961 restoration V529 St Paul's Church, Canterbury 1961 releather reservoir V530 Trinity Pres.Ch, Camberwell 1961 repair fallen tubing V531 All Saints' Church, St Kilda 1961 repair pistons, stop action V532 Methodist Church, Caulfield 1961 repair + modify switch system V533 All Saints' Church, Kooyong 1961 recover pneumatic motors V534 Morton Ray Masonic Temple, 1961 supply + fit 40' tubing + repair motors Caulfield N535 Presbyterian Ch, Randwick 1961 releather Great pneumatic motors N536 St Stephen's Church, Sydney 1961 reed stay V537 St Paul's Cathedral,Melbourne 1961 new electric action for Great organ V538 St John's Church, Camberwell 1961 repair + restore electric action V539 RotLand House, Carlton 1961 cleaning + overhaul v540 St Andrew's Pres. Church, 1962 dismantle, store + re-erect in new Horsham church V541 St Leonard's Pres. Church, 1962 move console Brighton Beach V542 St John's Ch, East Malvern 1962 repair Great to Pedal coupler V543 Congregational Church, 1962 minor repairs Hugh esda I e V544 St John's Church, Toorak 1962 fit blower V545 Methodist Ch, North Balwyn 1962 rebuild + install Taylor organ ex Pres. Ch, Brunswick 2m,20sp.st. V546 St Augustine's Church, 1962 rebuild Roberts. 2m,12 sp st. Morel and V547 Methodist Church, Preston 1961 restoration V548 Methodist Ch, Port Melbourne 1962 action repairs V549 St James' Church, Thornbury 1962 action repairs + tuning V550 St Andrew's Ch, Footscray 1962 move console + clean organ N551 Chinese Pres. Ch, Sydney 1962 restoration N552 Meth. Ch, Chatswood South 1962 cleaning + overhaul V553 Congreg. Church, Howe Cres, 1962 restoration South Melbourne V554 All Saints' Church, St Kilda 1962 new pedal board; repair pedal action etc. V555 St Paul's Cathedral, MeIb. 1962 releather Swell reservoirs V556 St Alban's Ch, Nth Melbourne 1962 restoration V557 Sacred Heart Church, Kew 1962 clean + overhaul V558 Brunswick Baptist Church 1962 cleaning + overhaul V559 B.D.Alexander, Skipton 1962 supply pedal board V560 St John's Lutheran Church, 1962 new blower South Melbourne V561 Methodist Ch, Clifton Hill 1962 dismantle + store organ V562 Dr R.W. Dungan, Toorak 1962 dismantle Balfour organ V563 Grace McKellar House,Geelong 1962 supply stop keys V564 Holy Trinity Church, Coburg 1962 cleaning V565 St Paul's Cathedral, MeIb. 1963 repairs to solo Tuba F566 Holy Trinity Cath, Suva,Fiji 1963 repairs V567 St Mark's Church, Fitzroy 1963 rebuild Anderson 2m,21 sp st. N568 St Oswald's Ch, Haberfield 1962 releathering V569 Methodist Church, Ivanhoe 1962 rebuild Fincham 2m,28sp.st. V570 Dr R.W. Dungan, Toork 1963 restore & re-erect Balfour organ V571 Meth Ch, Balwyn 1963 repair drawstop motors N572 Third Ch of Christ Scientist, 1963 felt canistered flute stoppers Mosman N573 Lyceum Theatre, Sydney 1963 releathering N574 Central Meth Mission, Sydney 1963 repair rain damage to organ V575 Paton MemI Presb Ch,Deepdene 1963 supply new console V576 Congreg. Ch, Hughesdale 1963 new blower V577 St Andrew's Pres Ch,Box Hill 1963 cleaning & overhaul N578 St Stephen's Pres Ch, Sydney 1963 repairs to gt Tromba action N579 St Margaret's Pres Ch, 1963 action repairs & releathering Turramurra N580 St Peter's Ch, East Sydney 1963 repairs to action & pipework V581 Meth Ch, Balwyn 1964 new pedal Bourdon V582 Melbourne Grarmiar School. 1963 repair contacts in switchstack V583 Meth Ch, Warrnambool. 1963 remove pipework for fitting of grille V584 Scotch College, Hawthorn 1963 repair water damage V585 St Cuthbert's Ch, Brighton 1963 repair water damage V586 All. Saints' Church, Kooyong 1964 rebuild Roberts 2m,14 sp.st. V587 St David's Pres Ch, Newtown 1963 clean and overhaul. V588 All Saints' Church, Newtown 1963 repairs to console N589 St Anne's Church, Strathfield 1963 repairs N590 St John's Church, Balmain 1963 repairs N591 2nd Ch of Christ Scientist 1963 fit new pistons Chatswood N592 Pres Church, Randwick 1963 releather stop machines V593 Scotch College, Hawthorn 1963 fit new swell engine V594 St Peter's Ch, Eastern Hill 1963 minor releathering V595 Sacred Heart Cath, Bendigo 1963 revoice swell reeds V596 Kew Presbyterian Church 1963 fit silencing boxes to action V597 All Saints Cathedral, Bendigo 1964 new swell roller blind fitted N598 Petersham Pres Church 1964 rebush pedal coupling action N599 St John's Church, Balmain 1964 restore pedal. Dolce 8 etc. V600 St John's Church, Camberwell 1964 refelt keys V601 Meth Church, Koonung Heights 1964 remove & store organ ex Mount Erica Methodist Church V602 St Alban's Ch, Nth MeIb. 1964 move organ V603 St Andrew's Ch, Aberfeldie 1964 install. Casson Positive ex Fiji V604 St Paul's Church, Bendigo 1964 revoice Sw. Posaune and refelt stoppers of Rohrfl.ute & Nazard V605 St Paul's Cathedral, Melb. 1964 fit new swell underactions N606 Lyceum Hall, Sydney 1964 removal of organ V607 Stock organ (Continuo) 1964 new organ lm,4 sp.st. N608 St Jude's Ch, Randwick 1964 rebuild Walker 2m,27 sp.st. V609 Christ Ch, Brunswick 1964 cleaning and repairs V610 G. Reveli 1964 electrical components N611 Lyceum Theatre, Sydney 1964 rebuild ãChristieä 2rn. V612 J. Eggington 1964 repair pedal piano attachment N613 St Barnabas Ch, Broadway 1964 revoice great Trumpet V614 Meth Ch, Glendearg Grove, 1964 add Sw. couplers to pistons Malvern V615 Trinity Pres Ch, Camberwell 1964 regulate reed stops V616 Christ Church, Hamilton 1964 insert great Fifteenth 2ft swell Geigen Principal 8 N617 Sydney Town Hall 1964 Inspection by C.M. Davies V618 St George's AngI Church, 1964 install Dirksen organ ex Blackburn Reservoir Ch of J.C. of L.D. Sts. N619 All Sts Ch, Parramatta 1964 repairs ACT 620 St Andrew's Ch, Canberra 1964 rebuild HN&B. 2m,35 sp.st. V621 St Paul's Ch, Canterbury 1964 rebuild Fincham 2m,21 sp.st. V622 St Matthew's Ch, Glenroy 1964 install Dirksen organ ex Fairfield Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints with tonal modifications V623 Pres Church, Deepdene 1964 clean, revoice reeds & replace stopkeys N624 All Saints Ch, Parramatta 1965 new organ 2m,3lsp.st. N625 Meth Church, Turramurra 1964 repairs V626 Trinity College, Parkville 1964 alter piston comb. V627 Queens College, Parkville 1964 re-set actions V628 Scotch College Hawthorn 1964 fit new blower Chapel V629 St John's Meth, Mt Waverley 1964 new organ 2m,3rks & mix ext. V630 Continuo organ no.2. 1964 new organ S631 St Andrew's Ch, Mt Gambier 1965 revoice Trumpet N632 St Andrew's Ch, Summer Hill 1965 repairs to pneumatics N633 Cong. Ch, Mosman 1965 repairs to electric action N634 St Luke's Ch, Concord 1965 modify electric action N635 Scots Church, Mosman 1965 fit Nason flute to sw in place of Celeste V636 Methodist Church, Northcote 1965 cleaning V637 Christ Church, South Yarra 1965 alter Sw. wind trunk to reeds V638 Robert Tobin, Hawthorn 1965 pipework & electrical components V639 St Paul's Cathedral, Melb. 1965 new solo action & orchestral primary motors V640 Res. W.F. Caddy, Caulfield 1965 new organ 2m,3rks ext. V641 Holy Trinity Ch, Hampton 1965 restore & enlarge Fincham V642 Robert Tobin, Hawthorn 1965 re-leather reservoir N643 Wesley Chapel, Sydney 1965 new blower N644 ACT Royal Military College, 1965 new organ 2m,3rks & mix.ext. 645 Duntroon-R.C.Chapel ACT Royal Military College, 1965 new organ 2m,6rks & mix.ext. 646 Duntroon - Chapel V647 Res. Peter Lord, Camberwell 1965 components V648 St Anselm's Ch, Middle Park 1965 install new blower V649 Stock ÎDorian' organ 1965 lm,2rks ext. V650 Christ Church, South Yarra 1965 Install choir Tierce V651 Baptist Church, Brunswick 1965 Install new blower V652 St Andrew's Pres Ch, Colac 1965 Install new blower N653 St Thomas' Church, Enfield 1965 new organ 2m,l5sp.st. V654 St Luke's Ch, Sth Melbourne 1965 electrify pedal action N655 Meth Church, Turramurra 1965 repairs to pipework N656 St Andrew's Ch, Seven Hills 1965 restoration V657 Melbourne Grammer School 1965- clean, overhaul & fit new console 1966 action S658 St Martin's Lutheran Church, 1966 new organ 2m,3rks & mix.ext. Mt Gambier V659 St Anselm's Ch, Middle Park 1965 new gusset reservoir N660 2nd Ch of Christ Scientist, 1965 box-in underaction Chatswood V661 St Catharine's Ch, Caulfield 1966 new organ 2m,3rks.ext V662 First Ch of Chr Scientist, 1965- clean and overhaul Melbourne 1966 V663 St Nicholas Ch, Mordialloc 1966 new organ lm,4sp.st. V664 Methodist Ch, Golden Square, 1966 releather bellows/clean and overhaul Bendi go V665 St Andrew's Church, Horsham 1965 replace stolen pipework V666 No.2 stock ÎDorian' organ 1965 new organ lm,2rks.ext. V667 Methodist Church, Richmond 1965 restoration. Fincham N668 St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney 196 repair relays V669 Our Lady's Church, Sunshine 1966 new organ 2m,4rks & mix ext. V670 St James' Church, Orbost 1966 replace key contacts V671 St James' Old Cath, W.MeLb. 1966 restoration V672 St Paul's Cathedral, Melb. 1966 releather 10 reservoirs V673 Queens Colt Chapel,Parkville 1966 quieten action N674 St Stephen's Church, Sydney 1966 repair & adjust keyboards V675 St Andrew's Church, Colac 1966 fit anticoncussion bellows to pedal V676 Melbourne Grammar School 1966 adjustable organ stool N677 St Andrew's Church, Rose Bay 1966 fit new blower N678 Christ Church, Lavender Bay 1966 restoration V679 Alt Sts Ch, East St Kilda 1966 releather sw & gt drawstop machines V680 St Jude's Church, Carlton 1966 restoration V681 St Matthew's Church, Geelong 1966 install new Oboe V682 St Barnabas' Church, Batwyn 1966 adjust & quieten action N683 St Andrew's (Pres) Ch, 1966 regulation, patch gussets Strathfield V684 Melbourne Town Hall 1966 repair soundboards N685 St Paul's Church, Lithgow 1966 repair soundboard N686 St Martin's Ch, Kensington 1966 restoration N687 St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney 1966 restore console pneumatics V688 St James' Church, Dandenong 1966 move bottom C of pedal Open V689 All Saints Cathedral, Bendigo 1966 revoice swell Trumpet V690 Melbourne Town Hall 1967 releather swell engines V691 Meth Ch, Bambra Rd,Caulfield 1966 move console V692 All Saints' Church, Geelong 1966 repair wind trunk V693 Methodist Church, Auburn 1967 rebuild Fincham 3m,40sp..st. V694 Methodist Church, Footscray 1966 regulate & adjust action V695 Methodist Church, Burke Rd, 1967 rebuilt Roberts 2m, 23sp.st. Batwyn new console & tonal modif. N696 St Luke's Church, Concord 1966 fit new blower V697 St Luke's Ch, Sth Melbourne 1967 releather reservoir S698 Methodist Church, Mt Gambier 1966 rebuild Roberts 2m 23sp.st. N699 2nd Ch of Ch Sc, Chatswood 1967 fit new coupler switches N700 Methodist Church, Stanmore 1967 releather pedal touchbox etc. V701 All Saints' Church, Newtown 1967 cleaning, etc. N702 St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney 1967 releather Hill drawstop machines, re-piece pedal board V703 Dendy Theatre, Brighton 1967 fit new cable V704 Kew Congregational Church 1967 fit additional pistons V705 Melbourne Town Hall 1967 fine tuning V706 St Paul's Cathedral MeIb. 1967 staff on site whilst scaffolding erected above Orchestral swell box N707 St Oswald's Ch, Haberfield 1967 refit stoppers in 3 ranks N708 St Stephen's Church, 1967 cleaning, repairs to Bellevue Hill pneumatics, etc. V709 Christ Church, South Yarra 1967 overhaul pedalboard, re-stay gt reed V710 Baptist Ch, Greensborough 1967 regulate action, pipework V711 All Souls' Ch, Sandringham 1967 restoration V712 Holy Trinity Ch,Surrey Hills 1967 fit new blower V713 St Paul's Church, Canterbury 1967 cleaning V714 Trinity Pres. Ch, Camberwell 1967 supply Mixture 3 ranks N715 Pres. Church, Pymble 1967 new organ 2m, 3rks & mix.ext. N716 St Paul's Church, Lithgow 1967 cleaning and overhaul N717 St Stephen's Ch, Lidcombe 1967 repack & refit stopped pipes V718 Antonian Institute, Richmond 1967 hire of Dorian organ ACT St Philip's Church, 1967 install Continuo organ 719 O'Connor V720 St Paul's Cathedral, Melb. 1967 staff on site whilst scaffolding dismantled over Orch. box V721 Alan Goding, Geelong 1967 supply pipes (2nd hand) and soundboard V722 Scotch College, Hawthorn 1967 clean and overhaul Assembly Hall V723 Dorian organ (no.3) 1967 new organ lm,2rks.ext. V724 Christ Church, Brunswick 1967 install reconditioned blower & releather coupler action V725 Dendy Theatre, Brighton 1967 revoice Saxophone V726 Methodist Church, Coburg 1967 recover pneumatic motors V727 Methodist Ch, Williamstown 1967 restoration N728 St Andrew's Church, 1967 restoration, new blower Strathfield V729 Leighton Turner, Ballarat 1967 tuning slides for Carngham Pres.Ch. N730 Hunter Baillie Pres Ch, 1967 new: Sw. Mixture III in place of Vox Annandale Humana; top pipes for sw Princ. & Lieb. Nazard N731 St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney 1968 clean & overhaul; new elec. components; revoice gt Trumpet N732 Sydney CEGS, North Sydney 1968 releathering motors V733 St Paul's Cathedral, Melb. 1967 repairs to blower V734 W. Int'veld 1967 components N735 St John's Pres, Wahroonga 1967 adjust action N736 St Stephen's Pres, Bathurst 1967 regulate pipework V737 St Ignatius Ch, Richmond 1967 restoration V738 St Peter's Ch, Eaglehawk 1969 flood & restore sd bd; releather reservoir; recover keys V739 Trinity Coll..Chapel, P'ville 1967 raise pitch of organ V740 Holy Trinity Ch, Hampton 1967 supply reconditioned Trumpet V741 Dendy Theatre, Brighton 1967 store Compton organ ex U.K. V742 Christ Ch., Hawthorn 1968 restoration V743 Trinity Pres.Ch, Camberwell 1967 revoice Trumpet V744 St Joseph's Church, Malvern 1967 new organ ÎClifton' 2m, 2rks & mix.ext. N745 St Giles' Church, Greenwich 1967 releather reservoir, overhaul Bourdon & clean gt pipework N746 St Alban's Church, Epping 1968 restore Telford organ with new upperwork W47 West Hawthorn Pres Church 1968 restoration W48 Melbourne Town Hall 1968 renew sleeving in blower S749 St Andrew's Pres, Mt Gambier 1968 clean and overhaul N750 St Mary's Church, Balmain 1967 repairs V751 Mr Brooks 1967 repair reservoir V752 St Paul's Cathedral, Melb. 1968 clean and overhaul N753 Masonic Temple, Sydney 1968 fit new blower V754 Christ Church, South Yarra 1968 revoice gt Flute 4 W55 Pres Church, Castlemaine 1968 restoration N756 St Barnabas Ch, Broadway 1968 fit new swell Gamba N757 Baptist Church, Canberra 1968 regulation V758 St Paul's Church, Bendigo 1968 clean & overhaul & insert Trombone/Trumpet unit V759 Meth Ch, Denham St, Hawthorn 1968 clean and overhaul N760 St Stephen's Ch, Willoughby 1968 restore and tonal additions V761 St Andrew's Pres Ch, Kyneton 1968 new organ 2m 3rks.ext & mix. NZ762 South Island Organ Co. 1968 supply pipework V763 Mrs Jones 1968 restore reed organ V764 St John's Church, Footscray 1968 restore organ & add Tierce N765 Masonic Temple, Sydney 1969 restore & electrify action V766 Presbyterian Church, Ormond 1968 overhaul V767 All Saints' Ch, Newtown 1969 clean and overhaul V768 H N & B demonstration unit 1969 V769 Holy Trinity Church, Hampton 1969 supply components N770 St Andrew's Pres, Cooma 1969 new organ lm,3rks.ext. V771 Trinity Preys. Ch, Camberwell 1969 new console V772 Camberwell Congreg Church 1968 regulation & fit anti-concussion bellows V773 Camberwell Methodist Church 1968 clean and overhaul NZ774 South Island Organ Co. 1968 supply pipework V775 St Augustine's Church, 1969 new organ 2m,3rks.& mix.ext. Mont Albert SA776 Mr Ian Haddy, Toirrens Park 1968 supply components SA777 contract withdrawn 1969 (St Oswald's Church, Parkside) V778 Methodist Church, Box Hill 1968 restoration V779 St David's Pres Ch, Newtown 1969 overhaul actions Q780 Christ Ch, St Lucia 1969 new organ 2m,4rks & mix.ext. N781 St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney 1969 insurance claim Dorian organ N782 St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney 1969 console drawstop machines N783 St David's Ch, Arncliffe 1969 tonal modifications V784 Methodist Church, Camberwell 1969 fit cover boards to action V785 Christ Church, South Yarra 1969 fit new piston relays W86 Lutheran Church, Horsham 1969 dismantle organ ex Fitzroy Meth. Ch. and store Q787 Holy Trinity, Fortitude Valley 1969 rebuild Whitehouse 2m,28 sp.st. V788 Holy Trinity, Surrey Hills 1969 electrify chancel front pipe block W89 St James' Church, Dandenong 1969 fit new blower W90 St Andrew's Ch, Noble Park 1969 install Dorian organ lm,2rks.ext. W91 Christ Church, South Yarra 1969 raise pedal board Q792 Whitehouse Bros. 1969 supply Principal 4 Q793 St John's Cath, Brisbane 1969- rebuild N&B 4m, 84sp.st. 1972 V794 St Joseph's Church, 1969- new organ 2m, 3rks ext. & mixture West Brunswick 1970 V795 Moorabbin Town Hall 1970 tonal finishing, tuning S796 St Andrew's Cath, Singapore 1970 overhaul W97 Queens CoIl, Parkville 1970 quieten action V798 St Mary's Church, Thornbury 1970 new switches and addition of Octave Flute 4 to pedal N799 R.H. Pogson 1970 supply blower V800 St Paul's Cathedral, Melb, 1970 new action to pedal main sdbd & rebuild pedal board V801 St Peter's Ch, Murrumbeena 1970 components, per David Hudd V802 Res. J. Sinnatt, Richmond 1970 new organ im, lrk.ext. V803 Lutheran Church, Rainbow 1970 restore & re-erect organ ex Sth Meib Congreg Church N804 Pitchford & Garside 1970 components etc. for St Stephen's Ch, Sydney N805 St James' Church, Sydney 1970- rebuild Davidson 1972 3m, 66 sp.st. V806 Haileybury College, Brighton 1970 clean and overhaul V807 St Paul's Church, Canterbury 1971 add pedal Principal l6ft V808 A.S.H. Gifford, Burwood 1970 replace tremulant Q809 St Luke's Church, Ekibin 1972 fit new switchstack V810 Armadale Pres Church 1970 refelt keys V81 1St John's Meth, Mt Waverley 1970 repair/replace damaged pipes V812 First Ch of Ch, Sc, Clayton 1970 install Dorian organ V813 First Ch of Ch, Sc, Melbourne 1970 supply & fit roll cover to console V814 Burke Rd Meth Ch, Balwyn 1971 improvements to sw shutters V815 Melbourne Town Hall 1971 repiece & reface pedals V816 St Peter's Ch, Eaglehawk 1971 tonal finishing V817 Methodist Church, Hamilton 1971 repairs to pedal section V818 John Kriewaldt, Stawell 1971 supply keyboards Q819 Holy Trinity Ch, Fortitude Valley 1971 fit adjustable pistons V820 Mr J. Sinnatt, Richmond 1971 wiring alterations V821 All Sts Ch, West Footscray 1971 new organ 1m, 2rks ext. V823 Melbourne Town Hall 1971 supply 27 thumb pistons V824 Burke Rd Meth Ch, Balwyn 1971 cover sw box with caneite V825 Christ Church, South Yarra 1971 repair water damage to choir organ V826 St Paul's Cathedral, Melb. 1971 recover Gt keys in ivory V827 Pres Church, West Hawthorn 1971 adjust keyboards V828 Thomson Memorial Ch, Terang 1971 restoration 0829 St Luke's Church, Ekibin 1971 fit new tremulant V830 St John's Church, Toorak 1971 clean and overhaul V831 Scotch CoIl, Hawthorn-chapel 1971 repair swell pipes V832 Leighton Turner, Ballarat 1971 new blowers for St Andrew's Kirk & St John's, Soldiers Hill, Ballarat V833 St Barnabas Church, Balwyn 1971 releather Gt reservoir V835 Melbourne High School 1972 90 solenoid units V836 Our Lady's Church, Sunshine 1971 resiting console V837 Christ Church, Brunswick 1972 dismantle old organ & store in factory V840 Meth Ch, Noble St, Geelong 1972 clean & overhaul, move organ, add Quint 5-1/3 to pedals SA841 St Peter's Cathedral, Adelaide 1971 clean and overhaul V842 D.G.Hawthorne, Sth Oakleigh 1972 action components & stopkeys V843 St John's Church, Footscray 1972 fit roll-top cover to console V844 Meth Church, Warrnambool 1972 repairing water damage 0845 Whitehouse Bros, Brisbane 1972 supply pipework V846 St Joseph's Church, Malvern 1972 move organ V847 Melbourne Town Hall 1972 supply key contacts V848 Holy Trinity Church, Coburg 1972 clean and overhaul V849 St Paul's Church, Canterbury 1972 fit Dulzian 16 to Swell organ V850 St John's Church, Toorak 1972 fit perspex panels to console N851 R.H. Pogson, Sydney 1972 supply pipework V852 Thomson Memi Church, Ormond 1972 repair switch system pneumatics V853 St Barnabas Ch, Balwyn 1972 cover organ V854 Meth Ch, Long Gully, Bendigo 1972 recover keys V855 St Paul's Cathedral, Melb. 1972 repair wind trunks to Sw and console V856 St Dunstan's Ch, Camberwell 1972 new organ ãDorianä, lm,2rks,ext. V857 St George's Ch, W.Footscray 1972 new organ ãDorian", lm,2rks,ext. V858 Holy Trinity Ch, E.Melb. 1972 restoration & fit 2rk mixture, pedal extension N859 St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney 1972 releather bellows ACT 860 St Christopher's Cathedral, 1972 new organ 2m,28sp.st. (partly Canberra extended) V861 Pres. Ch, West Hawthorn 1972 new stopkeys, Dulciana unit & wiring V862 St Mark's Church, Fitzroy 1972 repair damaged pipework 0863 Whitehouse Bros., Brisbane 1972 supply pipework V864 Cinema North, Reservoir 1973 supply missing pipework & repair existing pipework, releather reservoir V865 St Paul's Church, Canterbury 1973 make and fit new casework V866 Our Lady's Church, Sunshine 1973 rebuild HN&B 2m,6rks,ext. 0867 St John's Cath, Brisbane 1973 special tuning N868 W. Bright, Barraba 1973 organ parts V869 Scotch College Assembly Hall, 1973 clean and overhaul Hawthorn V870 Scotch College Chapel, 1973 replace 3 missing pipes Hawthorn V871 St Matthew's Ch, Glenroy 1973 new combination action V872 Melbourne Grammar School 1973 repair main trunk; releather Gt & Sw pneumatics N873 St Andrew's Pres Ch,Goulburn 1972 cleaning and overhaul N874 St Thomas' Ch, Nth Sydney 1972 rebuild Davidson. 3m,56sp.st. V875 St Dunstan's Ch, Camberwell 1973 keyboard cover N876 Presbyterian Church, Pymble 1973 move organ 0877 St John's Cath, Brisbane 1973 replace 3 ranks with new pipework V878 Wesley Church, Forrest St., 1973 rebuild Fincham. 2m,24sp.st. Bendigo V879 Holy Trinity Church, 1972 new stopkeys, combination action, Surrey Hills key contacts V880 St Barnabas Church, Balwyn 1974 fit Mixture 2rks, Tierce V881 Pres Church, West Hawthorn 1973 supply Dulciana 16' 12 notes V882 St Luke's Ch, Sth Melbourne 1973 clean and overhaul V883 St George's Ch, Bentleigh 1973 repair pedal board V884 St Leonard's Church, 1973 releather reservoir Brighton Beach Sacred Heart Cath, Bendigo 1973 clean & overhaul Gt & Oh fluework and action V886 Pres Ch, Canterbury 1974 revoice 5 Bourdon pipes V887 Geelong Grammar School 1973 clean & overhaul chapel organ V888 Loreto Convent, Toorak 1973 minor repairs V889 St John's Pres Church, 1973 clean, overhaul action & revoice Warrnambool upperwork V890 St Philip's Church, West 1973 repair pedalboard Heidelberg V891 Trinity Pres Ch, Camberwell 1973 two direct electric under-actions V892 St James' Church, Dandenong 1973 clean and overhaul V893 Meth Church, Camberwell 1973 quieten underactions V894 Leighton Turner, Ballarat 1974 supply blower V895 St Kilian's Church, Bendigo 1973 supply Mounted Cornet IV and repair pipes Q896 Queensland Theatre Organ Soc 1973 supply odd pipes V897 Christ Ch, Cath, St Arnaud 1973 replace contacts ACT 898 Canberra Theatre Organ Soc. 1973 action components
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