A Century plus of Fincham organs

A chronological List of Fincham organs 1864 - 1994
compiled by Graeme Rushworth

EXTRACT FROM OHTA JOURNAL JULY 1996, pp.26-33, OCTOBER 1996, pp.17-21, 24-27 AND JANUARY 1997, pp.30-35. 

This list was compiled for a paper presented at the Church of All Nations, Carlton, Vic on 24 September 1994 as part of the OHTA 17th Annual Conference.

Explanatory Notes

a. This is not a definitive list of all work undertaken by the Fincham firm, but is devoted to the more than 300 organs built new or substantially so. It does not include the many organs rebuilt or restored by the firm.

b. Fincham organs do not have an opus or job number, and this list has therefore been compiled from available historical information and instruments still extant.

c. Within each year of this list, organs are arranged as accurately as possible in correct succession.

d. Original church names are used to simplify identification.

Unless otherwise stated, place names are in the State of Victoria.

e. This list presents a simple, synoptic description of each organ, composed sequentially of numbers of manuals, stops and couplers, and type of action. For example: 2/12/3/m is an organ of two manuals, 12 stops, three couplers, and mechanical (tracker) action. Types of action are indicated thus:

m mechanical (tracker)

tp tubular-pneumatic

ep electro-pneumatic

em electro-magnetic

and spare slides by ss (e.g. +2ss)

Where a rank or ranks of pipes are extended to form several stops, this is denoted by 'ext'.

f. The third column of this list makes use of a numeric symbol to indicate the present status of each organ, as follows:

1 Original, or near original condition

2 Substantially original, but enlarged

3 Substantially original, but action altered/replaced

4 Rebuilt with altered action and/or tonal structure, original case exists

5 As [4] above, but case altered

6 Rebuilt with altered action, tonal structure and new case

7 Broken up

8 Destroyed by fire

9 Cannot be traced/identified

g. Preparation of this list was complicated by a number of one manual organs, typically of six and seven stops, that George Fincham built for sale, hire and loan, and also traded-in when a larger organ was supplied. The movements of these small organs were often frequent and have proved difficult to trace, and their exact number may never be known; it is impossible to be sure that several of these organs are not included twice. I have refrained from speculative observations on their movements and of the provenance of those still extant.

h. I sincerely hope this list will not be accepted as final or complete, and that others will see the gaps in our knowledge as a challenging area for further research.

i. I wish to record my gratitude to John Maidment for his generous assistance in compiling this list.


George Fincham

1864 1/9/1/m; Congregational Church, East Melbourne; opd. 10 Aug 1865.

c.1939 to Christ Church Anglican, Ormond. Original case from impost

remains, hung on church wall. 4,6

2/17/3/m. This seems to be the organ bought by St Joseph's R.C.

Cathedral, Dunedin, New Zealand, in 1866. 6

1865? 11 stops (2man.?); Methodist Church, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

1890, to Methodist Church, Northcote. 6

1866 "small organ"; Methodist Church, High Street, Preston; opd. 10 Aug.

1930, to St Paul's Anglican Church, Canterbury, NSW 2

1/10/1/m; Intercolonial Exhibition, Melbourne. 9

1867 2/?/?/m; St John's Anglican Church, LaTrobe Street, Melbourne; opd. 11 July.

1933, to St Matthew's Anglican Church, Prahran 7

1/?/?/m; Methodist Church, Forest Street, Bendigo; opd. 15 Dec.

1873, Swell added by Fincham 4

1868 1/11/1/m; hired to St John's Anglican Church, Toorak.

1872, to St Jude's Anglican Church, Carlton; opd. 17 Sept. 1

2/15/3/m; St James' [Old] Cathedral, Melbourne; opd. 15 July. 6

1/9/1/m; Blind Institute, Prahran; opd. 21 Aug.

1890, Swell added by Fincham.

1990, to Paton Memorial Uniting Church, Deepdene. 6

1/8/1/m; All Saints' Anglican Church, Chapel Street, St Kilda;

opd. 28 Oct.

1872, Choir added by Fincham.

1924, to St Andrew's Anglican Church, Clifton Hill.

1976, to Our Lady Help of Christians R.C. Church, Eltham. 6

1/8/1/m; Christ Church Anglican, Warrnambool; opd. Nov.

1890, to Major Helpman.

1891, to Congregational Church, Warrnambool.

1940, to Congregational Church, Hughesdale. 1

1869 1/5/1/m; Revd H. Kemmis, Warrnambool.

1875, to Mr George Peake, Collins Street, Melbourne.

1876, to St Barnabas' Anglican Church, Balwyn.

c.1960, to St Matthew's Anglican Church, Ashburton. 1

2/18/3/m; Methodist Church, South Melbourne; opd. 20 July.

1965, to Lutheran Church, Walla Walla, NSW. 4

1/?/?/m; St George's Anglican Church, Malvern; opd. 20 Sept.

1885, to Lutheran Church, Mt Gambier, SA. 7

1870 2/17/3/m; Exhibition of Works of Industry & Art, Richmond; opd. 24 May.

1870, on hire to Melbourne Town Hall. (Used at opening of hall,

9 August 1870).

1870, to Congregational Church, Richmond. 7

1871 Fincham organ on loan to Industrial & Art Exhibition, Emerald Hill

[South Melbourne]. Probably organ for Daylesford, below:-

2/12/3/m; Christ Church Anglican, Daylesford; opd. 10 Oct. 1

1/6/1/m; St Philip's Anglican Church, Collingwood.

1875, to St Saviour's Anglican Church, Collingwood; opd. 27 Aug.

1957, to St George's Anglican Church, Bentleigh. 1

1/7/1/m; Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Balaclava.

1883, to Methodist Church, Brunswick; opd. 17 Mar 1884. 6

1872 1/6/1/m; St Matthew's Anglican Church, Prahran.

1878, returned to Fincham as part payment for new organ. 9

2/18/3/m; Melbourne showing of exhibits for London International

Exhibition of 1873.

1873, to St Mary's R.C. Church, St Kilda; opd. 25 May.

1951, to St Margaret's R.C. Church, Brunswick. 6

1873 1/5/1/m; St James' Anglican Church, Mortlake; opd. 11 Jan.

Removed/sold c.1890, or after. 9

2/13/3/m; St Giles' Presbyterian Church, Geelong; opd. 19 Feb.

1986, to St Paul's R.C. Church, Coburg. 6

2/16/3/m; Methodist Church, Yarra Street, Geelong; opd. 10 June. 6

1/4/pp/m; Mr Edward A'Beckett, residence, Brighton. 2

(Probably organ now at St Joseph's, Port Melbourne], now


2/10/3/m; Masonic Hall, Melbourne.

1886, to St Silas' Anglican Church, Albert Park. 7

1/6/1/m; New [Swedenborgian] Church, East Melbourne.

1963, to New Church, Mount Waverley.

1991, to Bernstein Australia, Ringwood. 1

1/7/1/m; Christ Church Anglican, Echuca.

1922, to St Anselm's Anglican Church, Middle Park. 1

1874 2/20/3/m; Victorian Intercolonial Exhibition, preparatory to

Philadelphia Exhibition of 1876, Melbourne. Afterwards, hired

to Fitzroy Town Hall.

1875, shown at Melbourne Exhibition.

1876, to St Ignatius' R.C. Church, Richmond; opd. 20 Aug. 1

2/20/3/m; Methodist Church, Lydiard Street, Ballarat; opd. 29 May.

1890-91, to Australian Juvenile Industrial Exhibition, Ballarat.

1891, to Methodist Church, Neil Street, Ballarat. 4

1875 2/8/3/m; Mr George Peake, Collins Street, Melbourne.

1893, to Presbyterian Church, Noorat.

1902, new case. 6

2/16/3/m; St Mary's Anglican Church, Caulfield; opd. 17 Mar.

1936, to Wesley College Chapel, Prahran. 6

1/5/m; Methodist Church, Coburg; opd. 23 May.

1924, removed, possibly to SA, as J.E. Dodd took it as

trade-in on new organ. 9

2/13/3/m; St John's Anglican Church, Camberwell; opd. 3 Aug. 8

2/14/3/m; built for the Hon. Henry Miller, residence, 'Findon',

Kew, not accepted.

1878, to John Knox Presbyterian Church, Gardenvale; opd. 22 Aug. 5

1876 2/13/3/m; Methodist Church, Chilwell; opd. 7 Apr. 5

2/23/3/m; St Matthew's Anglican Church, Albury, NSW 6,8

1/?/m; St Philip's Anglican Church, Collingwood.

1882, displaced by organ supplied by W. Anderson. 9

1877 2/15/3/m; St Peter's Anglican Church, Ballarat; opd. 10 Aug.

1930, to Methodist Church, High Street, Preston. 1

1/9/?/m; Methodist Church [Church of all Nations] Carlton.

1886, Swell added by Fincham. 2

2/22/3/m; Baptist Church, Albert Street, East Melbourne; opd. 6 Dec.

1904, to Baptist Church, Armadale. 1

1878 1/11/1/m; St Peter's Anglican Cathedral, Armidale, NSW.

1896, removed by C. Richardson; some pipes incorporated in

present Hunter organ. 7,9

2/18/3/m; St Matthew's Anglican Church, Prahran; opd. 28 June.

1933, to St James' Anglican Church, Glen Iris. 6

2/18/3/m; Methodist Church, Melville Street, Hobart, Tas. 5

2/14/3/m; St Augustine's Anglican Church, Inglewood; opd. 20 Nov. 1

1879 2/9/3/m; St John's Anglican Church, Dunolly; opd. 21 Nov. 1

2/18/3/m; Uniting (Cong.) Memorial Church, Hobart, Tas. 4

2/13+5ss/3/m; Church of the Immaculate Conception, Hawthorn;

opd. 14 Dec. 6

undated 1/6/1/m; bought secondhand by Congregational Church, East St Kilda,

1870s? 1885. 1

undated 1/7/1/m; bought secondhand by Congregational Church, Burnley, 1892.

1870s? 1

1880 2/15/3/m; Congregational Church, Kyneton; opd. Feb. 1

2/13/3/m; Methodist Church, cnr Burwood Road and William Street,

Auburn; opd. 20 Sept.

1887, sold to Methodist Church, Yann Street, Preston. 7

1/7/1/m; St George's Presbyterian Church, St Kilda; opt. Sept.

1883, to Presbyterian Church, Alma Road, St Kilda.

1892, to St Alban's Anglican Church, Armadale. 6

Swell added [by Fincham?] before 1896.

2/15/3/m; Methodist Church, Paterson Street, Launceston, Tas.

1910, to Methodist Church, Margaret Street, Launceston. 5

4/70/7/m & barker lever; Melbourne International Exhibition Building,

Nicholson Street, Carlton. 7

1881 1/8/1/m; hired to Presbyterian Church, West Melbourne.

1883, to Methodist Church, South Yarra; opd. 25 July.

1890, Swell of six stops added by Fincham.

1994, in storage. 2

1882 2/13/3/m; St Stephen's Anglican Church, Portland; opd. 14 Mar. 1

2/20/3/m; St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Williamstown; opd. 11 May. 3

2/10/3/m; Dr J.S. Summers, residence, Wellington Street, Windsor.

1884, to St Paul's Anglican Cathedral, Sale; opd. 5 Nov. 2

# 2/17/3/m; Baptist Church, Norwood, SA. 2

# 2/19/3/m; Presbyterian Church, Flinders Street, Adelaide, SA.

1960, to Scots Church, North Terrace, SA 6

1883 2/?/m; Presbyterian Church, Lennox Street, Richmond; opd. 6 May.

1967, to Presbyterian Church, Chadstone. 5

3/24/4/m; Presbyterian Church, West Melbourne; opd. 2 Aug.

1935, to Presbyterian Church, Box Hill. 6

# 2/19/4/m; Congregational Church, Glenelg, SA. 4

# 2/17/3/m; Christ Church Anglican, Mount Gambier, SA 5

3/22/?/m; Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Balaclava; opd. 6 Dec. 4

1884 2/16/3/m; Congregational Church, Brighton; opd. 7 Feb. 1

2/17/3/m; Convent of Mercy, Geelong; opd. 25 Sept. 1

2/14/3/m; Convent of the Good Shepherd, Abbotsford. 6

2/14/3/m; Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, Grafton, NSW.

1993, to Thomson Memorial Uniting Church, Ormond. 6

# 2/13/3/m; Wesleyan Church, Mount Barker, SA. 1

# 2/15/3/m; Congregational Church, Port Adelaide, SA. 1

1885 2/11/3/m; Congregational Church, Williamstown; opd. 29 Jan. 1


# organs built by Fincham & Hobday, Adelaide, SA (repeat bottom of each p.)

2/13+2ss/3/m; St George's Anglican Church, Malvern. 6

2/20/3/m; Chalmers Presbyterian Church, East Melbourne; opd. 30 April.

1898, to Trinity Presbyterian Church, Camberwell. 4

2/17/3/m; St George's Presbyterian Church, Geelong; opd. 29 May. 6

1/9/?/m; Wesley Methodist Church, Portland. 4

2/5/3/m; Mr A. Morgan, residence 9

# 2/12/3/m; Congregational Church, Gawler, SA. 2

?# 2/?/?/m; St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Mount Gambier, SA. 4

2/14/3/m; Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, Newcastle, NSW.

1906, to St Nicholas' Anglican Church, Coogee, NSW. 1

1886 # 2/22/3/m; Baptist Church, Flinders Street, Adelaide, SA. 4

2/13/3/m; St John's Presbyterian Church, Warrnambool; opd. 27 Aug. 8

1887 # 3/32/8/m; Adelaide Jubilee International Exhibition, then to

Wesleyan Church, Archer Street, North Adelaide, SA. 6

2/10/3/m; St Michael's R.C. Cathedral, Wagga Wagga, NSW.

1893, to Melbourne Grammar School Chapel; opd. 1 Sept.

1913, to St Bartholomew's Anglican Church, Burnley. 1

2/17/5/tp; St Martin's Anglican Church, Hawksburn; opd. 1 Feb. 4

2/11/3/m; Christ Church Anglican, Maryborough; opd. 7 Mar.

1910, moved to chancel. 1

2/12/3/m; Methodist Church, Ashby, Geelong; opd. 26 May.

1993, to Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Geelong. 6

2/16/3/m; Presbyterian Church, South Yarra; opd. 29 May. 4

2/14/3/m; Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Launceston, Tas. 1

undated No details; Catholic Apostolic Church, Carlton - "Organ built by

George Fincham before 1888".

1939, some parts incorporated in new Fincham organ. 7

1888 3/43/12/tp; Centennial International Exhibition, Melbourne.

1889, to Masonic Hall, Melbourne.

1905, to the Hon. E. Vickery, for Lyceum Hall, Sydney, NSW. 7

1/7/?/m; hired to Presbyterian Church, Essendon (until June 1894?) 9

1/6/1/m; hired to Princess Theatre, Melbourne, for opera season 1888. 9

2/17/5/tp; Augustine Congregational Church, Hawthorn; opd. 25 Feb. 6

2/15/3/m; Methodist Church, Richmond; opd. 28 Mar. 1

2/12/3/m; Christ Church Anglican, Castlemaine; opd. 29 Sept. 4

1/7/?/m; hired to Trinity Presbyterian Church, Camberwell (to 1898?). 9

2/14/3/m; Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Coburg; opd. 27 Dec. 5

1/7/2; Mr Cullis Hill, residence, 'Tudor Lodge', Harcourt Street,

Hawthorn. Removed after 1897. 9

# 2/?/?/tp; St Peter's Anglican Church, Glenelg, SA. 2

1889 2/11/3/m; Mr S. Stokes, residence, Church Street, Brighton.

1907, to Methodist Church, Canterbury. 7

2/15/3/m; Methodist Church, Barkly Street, Ballarat. 1

2/12/3/m; St Monica's R.C. Church, Essendon; opd. 1 Sept. 6

Fincham & Hobday

2/20/3/m; Methodist Church, Auburn; opd. 2 Oct. 4

1890 3/30/4/m; Methodist Church, Fitzroy; opd. July.

1971, to Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Horsham. 6

4/53/?/tp; Australian Church, Flinders Street, Melbourne.

1956, rebuilt for Wilson Hall, University of Melbourne;

case to Sacred Heart R.C. Church, Carlton. 6

3/31/8/tp; Methodist Church, Lydiard Street, Ballarat; opd. 24 Oct. 4

2/17/3/m; Christ Church Anglican, Warrnambool; opd. 7 Dec. 3

undated 2/14-15/3/m; apparently Fincham, c.1880-90, of unknown provenance

before St Thomas' Anglican Church, Kingsgrove, NSW, then to St George's

Anglican Church, Earlwood, NSW. Removed c.1985; now in storage at

residence of Mr N. Bush, Canterbury, NSW. 6,7

1891 Organ case and front of 33 pipes shown at Tasmanian International

Exhibition, Launceston. Case front used afterwards for F & H rebuild

of organ at Albert Hall, Launceston.

3/24/5/?m; St Andrew's Kirk, Ballarat; opd. 26 Jan. 4

2/23/3/m & tp; Presbyterian Church, Dorcas Street, South Melbourne;

opd. 28 June. 1

1/10/1/m; Methodist Church, Essendon; opd. 17 July. 3

2/9/3/m; Methodist Church, Balaclava; opd. 20 Aug. 1

2/18/3/m; St John's Anglican Church; Soldier's Hill, Ballarat,

opd. 13 Sept. 1

2/13/3/m; Methodist Church, Newtown, Geelong; opd. 13 Nov. 1

2/14/3/m; Methodist Church, Albert Park; opd. 25 Nov.

1970, to Uniting Church, Kyabram. 6

2/13/3/m; Presbyterian Church, Horsham; opd. 18 Dec. 6

1892 2/17/4/?; St Patrick's R.C. Church, Albury, NSW.

1977, removed/broken up, except case, which is still in church. 7

3/17/6/tp; Presbyterian Church, Alma Road, St Kilda; opd. 29 Apr. 4

2/19+7ss (choir); Presbyterian Church, Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn;

opd. 17 July. 4

3/37/6/tp; St Kilda Town Hall; opd. 26-28 Aug. 4,8

1893 3/34/7/tp; St Joseph's R.C. Church, Warrnambool; opd. Jan. 1

1/?/?/?; installed Princess Theatre, Melbourne, for opera season.

1895, to Methodist Church, Spring Road, Malvern; opd. 14 Nov. 6

2/20/3/m; Methodist Church, Williamstown; opd. 3 Mar. 1

2/9/3/m; Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Maldon; opd. 26 Apr. 1

1894 2/11/3/tp; Presbyterian Church, Carngham; opd. 30 Jan. 1

2/11/5/m; intended for Hobart Exhibition, but larger organ shown instead

(see next opus).

1896, to Chalmers Presbyterian Church, Hobart, Tas.

1960, pipes to Baptist Church, Hobart, Tas. 7

3/30/7/m; Hobart Exhibition, Tas.

1895, 3/32, to St Mary's R.C. Cathedral, Hobart, Tas. 4

2/13+1ss/5/tp; St Paul's Presbyterian Church, Wanganui, NZ. 6?

2/11/5/m; Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Stawell; opd. 21 Nov.

1969, to Baptist Church, St Ives, NSW.

1972, to Baptist Church, East Lindfield, NSW. 6

undated 2/14/3/m & tp; installed at Church of Christ, Carlton, by Geo. Fincham

c.1893-4? & Son, 1913. Appears to be Fincham & Hobday of c.1893-4; inscription

"Wagga" found inside. 1

1895 2/16/3/m or tp; St Paul's Anglican Church, Camperdown; opd. Aug. 4

2/11/5/tp; Trinity Presbyterian Church, Nelson, NZ. 7

1896 2/11/5/tp; St Mary's R.C. Church, Nelson, NZ. 3

2/12/3/?; Union Memorial Presbyterian Church, North Melbourne;

opd. 19 Mar. 7

George Fincham (1897)

1898-9 "During 1898-9 Fincham built one organ and rebuilt two others ..."

(E. Matthews, COAOB, p.91). The "one organ" is assumed to be next, below:

1900 3/38/13/tp; St Mary Star of the Sea R.C. Church, West Melbourne;

opd. 18 Feb. 1

1/5/1/m; Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral, Wangaratta; opd. 17 May.

1926, to Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Benalla. 7

2/13/4/tp; SS Mary & Joseph's R.C. Cathedral, Armidale, NSW. 4

George Fincham & Son

1901 2/10/3/?; Wesley Methodist Church, Hamilton; opd. 15 Feb. 5

2/15/3/m; Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Port Melbourne; opd. 20 Mar.

1996, removed and stored. 1

2/17/3/?; St John's Presbyterian Church, Hobart, Tas., incorporating

five stops from previous c.1850 Hill organ. 4

1902 2/15/4/m; Chalmers Presbyterian Church, Launceston, Tas.

1986, to St Stephen's R.C. Church, Reservoir. 6

In April 1902 Geo. Fincham & Son erected an organ in residence of

Mr E.E. Burgess, 170 Punt Road, Prahran. No details of this instrument

are available; it is doubtful if this was a Fincham organ. 9

1903 3/21/8/tp; Loreto Convent, Ballarat. 1

2/16/3/tp; College Presbyterian Church, Parkville; opd. 20 Nov. 1

1904 2/20/?/tp; St Stephen's Anglican Church, Willoughby, NSW.

1929, to St Peter's Anglican Church, Hornsby, NSW. 4

2/12/3/m; St Peter's Anglican Church, Richmond, NSW. 1

2/12/3/tp; Grahame Memorial Presbyterian Church, Waverley, NSW. 1

2/16/4/tp; All Souls' Anglican Church, Leichhardt, NSW. 4

2/17/3/tp; Presbyterian Church, Ascot Vale; opd. 6 Oct. 1

1905 2/13/5/m; Mr William G. Sharp, residence, 'Netherley', 8 Queens Road,

Albert Park/South Melbourne.

1920, to Assembly Hall, Melbourne. 2

2/12/3/tp; Mr M. Bunbury, residence, Bunbury, WA.

1910, to St Mary the Virgin Anglican Church, West Perth, WA. 7

2/10/3/m; St John's Presbyterian Church, Wahroonga, NSW.

1961, to Christadelphian Hall, Hurstville, NSW. 1

3/20/7/tp; St Philip's Presbyterian Church, Newcastle, NSW. 1

1906 2/19/?/tp; Presbyterian Church, Wattletree Road, Malvern; opd. 27 July. 4

2/10/4/?; St John's Anglican Church, Horsham; opd. 20 Nov. 6

1907 2/12/4/m & tp; Congregational Church, Summer Hill, NSW. 7

2/17/3/tp; Presbyterian Church, Prahran; opd. 9 Oct.

1963, to Presbyterian Church, Mentone. 4

1908 2/11/3/tp; Methodist Church, Carrington Road, Strathfield, NSW.

1925, to Methodist Church, Kempsey, NSW. 3

2/20/4/m; St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Hamilton; opd. 10 June. 4

1909 2/15/5/tp; Sir A.T. Danks, residence, Balwyn Road, Canterbury;

opd. 14 Sept. 1

2/15/5/tp; St Cuthbert's Presbyterian Church, Brighton; opd. 26 Sept. 4

1910 2/11/3/tp; Sacred Heart R.C. Church, St Kilda; opd. 24 Apr. 1

2/13/3/tp; Presbyterian Church, Castlemaine; opd. 30 June. 3

2/15/6/tp; Chalmers Presbyterian Church, Auburn; opd. July 1911. 1

No Details, prob. one manual; St Alban's Anglican Church, Lindfield, NSW. 6

1911 2/21/7/tp; Methodist Church, Kew; opd. Oct. 4

1912 2/16/5/tp; Methodist Church, Horsham; opd. Feb. 1

1913 2/10/3/tp; Congregational Church, Canterbury.

1981, to Mr M. Allerding, 2 Darnley Street, Gordon, NSW. 6

2/22/7/tp; St Alipius' R.C. Church, Ballarat East; opd. Sept. 4

1914 2/11/3/tp; St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Benalla; opd. July. 4

2/8?/tp; St Vincent's Convent, Potts Point, NSW. 3

2/9/4/tp; St John's Presbyterian Church, Muswellbrook, NSW. 3

1915 * 2/?/?/tp; St Paul's Anglican Church, Canterbury. 6

2/11/5/tp; Scots' Presbyterian Church, Portland. 1

1917 * 2/?/?/tp; St John's Presbyterian Church, Elsternwick. 4

2/13/3/tp; Methodist Church, Pakington Street, West Geelong; opd. 1 Feb. 1

1918 2/11/6/tp; Congregational Church, New Town, Tas. 1

2/11/?/tp; St James the Apostle Anglican Church, New Town, Tas.;

opd. 8 Apr. 4

George Fincham & Sons Pty Ltd

1920 2/?/?/tp; Methodist Church, Ivanhoe; opd. June. 4

1921 * 2/?/?/tp; Masonic Temple, Melbourne (No.2 Lodge Room); opd. 10 Feb. 7

2/16/5/tp; Methodist Church, Moonee Ponds; opd. 27 Apr. 1

1/9/?/tp; St Matthew's Anglican Church, New Norfolk, Tas.

(Commenced by Mr. G.F. Hopkins, 1914) 4

2/14/4/tp; Methodist Church, Pleasant Street, Ballarat; opd. July. 1

2/11/3/tp; Methodist Church, Nicholson Street, Fitzroy; opd. Aug.

1980-81, to St John the Divine Anglican Church, Croydon. 4

2/?/?/tp; Ewing Memorial Presbyterian Church, East Malvern; opd. Oct. 4

1922 2/22/4/tp; St Thomas' Anglican Church, Essendon; opd. Jan. 1

2/24/5/tp; Methodist Church, East Malvern; opd. June.

1982, parts to Baptist Church, Coburg. 7

1923 3/27/?/tp; St Mary's Anglican Mission, Fitzroy; opd. 13 Feb & 18 Apr. 7

2/20/5/tp; Scots Presbyterian Church, Ballarat; opd. June. 1

2/14/4/tp; Methodist Church, Glendearg Grove, Malvern; opd. Nov. 4

1924 2/7/3/tp; Presbyterian Church, Young, NSW; opd. Mar. 1

2/24/8/tp; St John's R.C. Church, Queens Parade, Clifton Hill; opd. Mar. 1

2/15/5/tp; SS Peter & Paul's R.C. Church, West Geelong; opd. Dec. 4

2/11/5/tp; Methodist Church, Surrey Hills; opd. Dec.

1983, to St Benedict's R.C. Church, Burwood. 6

1925 * 2/?/?/tp; Masonic Temple, Collins Street (No.1 Lodge Room);

opd. 10 Jan. 7

2/16/5/tp; St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Goulburn, NSW; opd. May

1987, to City Uniting Church, Canberra, ACT. 2

2/9/3/tp; Presbyterian Church, Bridge Street, Port Melbourne; opd. Nov. 1

2/12/5/tp; Mr George Richardson, residence, 29 Beaconsfield Parade,

St Kilda

1929, to Methodist Church, New Town, Tas. 1

1927 3/25/?/tp; Mr R.A. Raymond, residence, Heidelberg. 7

2/17/7/tp; Sacred Heart R.C. Church, Kew; opd. Apr. 4

2/?/tp; St Michael's Lutheran Church, Tarrington; opd. 1 Jan 1928. 4

1928 2/16/5/tp; St Mark's Anglican Church, Camberwell; opd. 21 July. 5

1929 2/14/5/tp; Baptist Church, Ivanhoe; opd. 25 July. 3

3/28/8/tp; Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, Ballarat. 7

1930 2/?/?/tp; St Mary of the Angels R.C. Church, Geelong; opd. Mar. 6

3/34/12/tp; St Patrick's R.C. Cathedral, Ballarat; opd. Nov. 1

2/15/7/tp; St Peter's Anglican Church, Brighton Beach; opd. 20 July. 4

1931 2/18/3/tp; Church of the Epiphany Anglican, Northcote. 7

1932 1/7/2/tp; St James' Anglican Church, Ranelagh, Tas. 1

2/14/5/tp; Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Thornbury; opd. 10 Dec.

1989, parts to St George's Church, Ivanhoe. 7

1933 2/15/6/tp; Church of the Apostles R.C., Launceston, Tas.; opd. May. 4

3/13 rks. ext./tp; St Mary's Anglican Church, Caulfield; opd. 29 Oct. 3

1934 2/14/5/tp; Mr G.S. Chambers, residences, Ivanhoe then Bowley Avenue,

Balwyn. 1

1935 2/?/?/tp; Methodist Church, Bairnsdale; opd. 17 Feb. 6

2/9/5/tp; St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Kyneton; opd. May.

Parts to HN & B. 7

1938 No details; Presbyterian Church, Queenscliff. 7

1939 2/9+1ss/tp; Methodist Church, Devonport, Tas.; opd. Sept. 4

2/15/3/tp; Catholic Apostolic Church, Carlton. 1

1940 2/9+1ss/tp; Methodist Church, Swan Street, Hobart, Tas. 4

No details, Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Ararat. 7

1945 No details; St Mary's Anglican Church, South Camberwell; opd. July. 8

1947 2/12/7/tp; Presbyterian Church, Cressy; opd. Sept. 1

1/2 rks. ext./2/tp; Presbyterian Church, Darlington; opd. Oct. 1

1948 No details; Church of Christ, Northcote; opd. 4 May. 8

1/8/2/ep; St James' Anglican Church, Orbost; opd. 29 Nov. 3

1949 2/13/6/ep; All Saints' Anglican Church, Preston; opd. 24 July. 1

1950 2/16/7/ep; Thomson Memorial Presbyterian Church, Ormond; opd. March.

1993, parts to Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Hampton. 7

2/3 rks. ext./ep; Scots Presbyterian Church, Dandenong. 1

1951 2/11/7/ep; Wesley Methodist Church, Shepparton; opd. April. 1

2/15/7/ep; Third Church of Christ Scientist, Elsternwick; opd. Nov.

1991, parts to St Peter's Anglican Church, Box Hill. 7

1952 2/5 rks.ext./em; Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Oakleigh; opd. Oct. 1

2/8 rks. ext./em; Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Hampton; opd. Dec. 7

1953 2/?/?; Methodist Church, Ringwood; opd. Dec. 4

1954 2/6 rks. ext./3/ep; Wesley College Chapel, Newtown, NSW; opd. Sept. 1

1955 2/5 rks. ext./ep; Methodist Church, Strathalbyn Street, East Kew; opd. June.

1978, to St Faith's Anglican Church, Burwood. 5

2/5 rks. ext./ep; Methodist Church, Dandenong; opd. Sept. 1

2/9 rks. ext./3/ep; National Memorial Methodist Church, Canberra, ACT;

opd. Nov. 6

1956 4/74/19/ep; Wilson Hall, University of Melbourne, Parkville (incorporating

1890 Fincham pipes and windchests ex Australian Church, Melbourne). 1

2/8 rks. ext./ep; Scots College Chapel, Bellevue Hill, NSW; opd. Nov. 1

1959 2/3 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; Methodist Church, Beaufort.

1978, to Uniting (Presbyterian) Church, Beaufort. 1

2/3 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; St Teresa's R.C. Church, Essendon. 1

2/3 rks. ext. + mixt./ep; Newman College Chapel, Parkville. 1

1960 2/3 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; St Stephen's Anglican Church, Sandy Bay, Tas. 1

2/4 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; Presbyterian Church, Bentleigh. 1

2/3 rks. ext + mixt. ext.; Presbyterian Church, East Kew.

1978, to St Paul's Anglican Church, Warragul. 1

3/45/17/ep; Baptist Church, Hobart, Tas. (incorporating 1894

Fincham pipes ex Chalmers Church, Hobart). 1

2/3 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; Vardon Memorial Congregational

Church, King's Park, SA.

1994, to Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Ararat. 1

1961 2/3 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; St Augustine's Anglican Church, Mentone. 1

2/3 rks. ext./ep; St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Queenscliff. 1

2/4 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; St Andrew's Presbyterian Church,

Wagga Wagga, NSW. 1

2/3 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; St Paul's R.C. Church, Bentleigh. 1

1962 2/4 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; St John's R.C. Church, East Melbourne. 1

2/3 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; St Alban's Anglican Church, Largs Bay, SA. 1

2/3 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; St Paul's Methodist Church, Oakleigh. 1

2/3 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; Convent of the Good Shepherd, Ashfield, NSW. 1

1963 2/3 rks. ext. + mixt./ep; Apostolic Church Richmond.

1981, to St Eanswythe's Anglican Church, Altona. 2

2/3 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; Calvary Hospital Chapel, North Adelaide, SA. 1

1964 2/4 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; Holy Name R.C. Church, East Preston. 1

2/31/8/ep; St Raphael's R.C. Church, Preston. 1

2/11 + mixt. ext./ep; St Peter Julian's R.C. Church, Sydney, NSW. 1

2/3 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; Methodist Church, Broadview, SA. 1

4/77/30/ep; St Patrick's R.C. Cathedral, Melbourne. 2

1966 2/3 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; St Richard of Chichester Anglican Church,

Lockleys, SA. 1

1/2 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./em; Corpus Christi College, Glen Waverley.

c.1975, to St Cuthbert's Anglican Church, Yarrawonga. 1

1967 1/3 rks. ext./em; Holy Spirit R.C. Church, East Thornbury. 1

1/3 rks. ext./em; Methodist Church, East Preston. 1

1/3 rks. ext./em; St Margaret's R.C. Church, East Geelong. 1

2/5 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; All Saints' Anglican Church,

Greensborough 2

1/3 rks. ext./em; Christ-the-King R.C. Church, Braybrook. 1

2/3 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; Convent of the Sisters of the

Sacred Heart, Balwyn.

1992, to Benedictine Monastery, Camperdown. 1

2/4 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; St Colman's R.C. Church, Balaclava. 1

1/3 rks. ext./em; St John's R.C. Church, Heidelberg. 1

2/25/8/ep; St Mary's Anglican Church, Camberwell

(incorporating secondhand console and some pipes) 1

1968 1/4 rks. ext./em; Our Lady of the Nativity R.C. Church, Essendon. 1

2/3 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Benalla. 1

2/4 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./ep; Catholic Liturgical Convention, Melbourne.

1969, to Baptist Church, Warrnambool. 1

1/3 rks. ext./em; SS Cyril & Methodius' R.C. Church, Kew. 1

1969 2/19/7/ep; Masonic Temple, Albert Street, East Melbourne,

(No.1 Lodge Room). 1

As above, Lodge Rooms Nos.2-5, four organs each

1/3 rks. ext./em. 1

1/3 rks. ext./em; Presbyterian Church, Hartwell. 2

2/18/8/ep; St Macartan's R.C. Church, Mornington. 1

1/3 rks. ext./em; St Thomas' Anglican Church, Ferntree Gully. 1

1971 1/2 rks. ext. + mixt. ext./em; St Mary's Anglican Church, St Mary's, SA. 1

1/5/1/m; Salisbury College of Advanced Education, Salisbury East, SA. 1

? to

2/13/?/ep; St Joseph's R.C. Church, Benalla. 8

1972 1/5/m; St Mark's Lutheran Church, Epping, NSW. 1

2/14/3/em; Carey Grammar School Chapel, Kew. 1

1973 2/21/5/ep; St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Gardiner. 1

2/29/3/m; St Francis' R.C. Church, Melbourne. 1

1/4/m; Music Department, University of New South Wales,

Kensington, NSW. 1

1974 2/27/3/m; St Peter's Anglican Church, Eastern Hill, Melbourne. 1

2/13/3/m; St David's Uniting (Pres.) Church, Lindfield, NSW. 1

1/5/m; St Peter's Anglican Church, Eastern Hill, Melbourne

(Michael Wenzell memorial). 1

1975 ? 1/4/m; Mr P. Cole, residence, Forbes, NSW; installed c.1978. 1

1975 2/9/3/m; St Michael's R.C. Church, Ashburton. 1

1/4/m; Faculty of Music, University of Melbourne. 1

1976 2/13+1ss/3/m; St Michael's R.C. Church, Lane Cove, NSW 1

2/9/3/m; ordered for NSW Conservatorium of Music, but not accepted

and sold 1979 to Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Sebastopol.

1986, to Ballarat Grammar School. 1

2/9/3/m; NSW Conservatorium of Music, Sydney, NSW. 1

1/4/m; Loreto Convent, Albert Park, installed 1978. 1

1978 2/12/3/m; Corpus Christi College Chapel, Clayton. 1

1979 2/23/13/m; Mary Immaculate R.C. Church, Waverley, NSW. 1

1980 2/14/3/m; Church of the Good Shepherd, Plympton, SA. 1

1/4/m; Dr E. McLean, residence, Canterbury. 1

1992, to Darwin Symphony Orchestra.

1981 1/4/m; installed 1989 to SS James & Peter's Anglican Church, Kilsyth. 1

1/4/m; St Stephen's Anglican Church, Warrandyte. 1

1/4/m; Mannix College Chapel, Monash University, Clayton. 1

1989 2/?/m; John XXIII College, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT. 1

# organs built by Fincham & Hobday, Adelaide, SA.

Principal Sources

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unpublished m.s. (J.R. Maidment and G.D. Rushworth collections).

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Sands and McDougall's Melbourne Directories

Victorian Organ Journal


Present Status Summary


Present Totals Totals

Status 1864- 1871- 1881- 1891- to 1901- 1911- 1921- 1931- 1901-

Category 1870 1880 1890 1900 1900 1910 1920 1930 1940 1940


1 3 12 12 10 37 11 4 9 3 27

2 1 1 5 7 1 2 3

3 3 2 5 2 3 1 1 7

4 2 2 10 6 20 7 5 7 3 22

5 4 3 7 1 1 2

6 6 9 12 5 32 3 2 2 1 8

7 3 3 4 5 15 2 6 5 13

8 2 1 1 4

9 1 6 5 12 1 1


Totals 16 39 55 29 139 28 14 28 13 83


Status categories -

(1) Original, or near original condition

(2) Substantially original, but enlarged

(3) Substantially original, but action altered/replaced

(4) Rebuilt with altered action and tonal structure, original case exists

(5) as (4), but case altered

(6) Rebuilt with altered action, tonal structure and new case

(7) Broken up

(8) Destroyed by fire

(9) Cannot be traced/identified


Totals Totals Totals

1901- 1941- 1951- 1961- 1971- 1981- 1941- 1864-

1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 1994 1994


27 4 14 31 21 4 74 138

3 4 4 14

7 1 1 13

22 1 1 43

2 1 1 10

8 1 1 41

13 1 2 3 31

2 1 3 7

1 13


83 8 19 35 22 4 88 310


Graeme Rushworth. A Century Plus of Fincham Organs

From 1864 the Fincham firm has continued through

four generations of the family, constructing over

300 new organs and rebuilding countless others.


In my paper "A century plus of Fincham organs" presented at the XVII OHTA Conference, and afterwards reprinted in OHTA News, Vol 19 no 2 of April 1995, I made the remark that George Fincham's mechanical actions were "invariably accomplished with squares and trackers rather than by stickers and backfalls ...". This opinion was based on my own observations and also on the comments by Enid Matthews on p.41 of Colonial organs and organbuilders.

I am grateful to John Maynard for pointing out that sticker and backfall actions are indeed to be found in some Fincham organs, and two examples are Church of All Nations, Carlton (to the Great), and at St Augustine's Anglican Church, Inglewood.

While it is evident that Fincham understood and preferred the advantages of low inertia actions obtained with squares and trackers, it seems he also used stickers where it was expedient and the lengths (and hence the mass) of the stickers would be minimal.

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